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Di Tran’s Cybertruck Foundation Series: The Ultimate Heavy-Duty Experience

The Cybertruck, Tesla’s foray into the world of pickup trucks, has taken the automotive industry by storm with its futuristic design and robust performance. As of now, several models in the Cybertruck Foundation series have been released, each showcasing the impressive capabilities and unique features that set them apart from traditional trucks.

Di Tran + Review of CyberTruck Foundation

Di Tran’s Cybertruck Review

Yesterday, Di Tran shared his thoughts and pictures of his Cybertruck experience, providing a detailed review that captured the essence of this groundbreaking vehicle. His review highlighted both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the truck, emphasizing its suitability for truck enthusiasts.

Weight and Comparison

The Cybertruck is undeniably a heavyweight in the truck segment, with a curb weight of approximately 6,500 pounds. To put this into perspective:

•   Ford F-150: Around 4,069 to 5,697 pounds
•   Chevrolet Silverado 1500: Approximately 4,520 to 5,620 pounds
•   Ram 1500: Ranges from 4,800 to 5,900 pounds

The Cybertruck’s weight contributes to its sturdy feel, making it a true contender in the heavy-duty truck market.

Design and Engineering Marvel

Yes, it is beautiful. The Cybertruck’s sleek, angular design and stainless steel exoskeleton make it a standout on the road. The truck’s aesthetic appeal is matched by its durability, with the stainless steel providing both a futuristic look and enhanced protection. As an engineer with a Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. in IT engineering, Di Tran understands the complexity and challenges of creating such a vehicle. Building a car like this in mass production, especially with stainless steel, is an engineering masterpiece. The material choice not only adds to the visual appeal but also ensures the truck’s longevity and toughness.

Yes, it is amazing. The Cybertruck offers impressive performance, including rapid acceleration, substantial towing capacity, and a long-range battery, all of which make it a versatile and powerful vehicle for a variety of uses.

The True Truck Experience

The Cybertruck is definitely a perfect truck, especially for those who appreciate the feel of a traditional truck. Its weight is palpable both when driving and in the simple act of closing the door, which itself feels substantial and solid. The heavy doors and overall heft of the vehicle contribute to a driving experience that is distinctly truck-like, providing a sense of power and stability on the road.

Di Tran, who is not typically a truck person, found the Cybertruck to be a surprising departure from the smooth, agile feel of other Tesla models like the Model Y, X, and 3. Despite his initial expectations, he acknowledged that the Cybertruck is crafted for those who truly understand and appreciate what a truck should feel like when driving. It is not just a truck in appearance but in the very essence of its driving dynamics and physical presence.


The Cybertruck Foundation series stands as a testament to Tesla’s innovation in the automotive industry. While it may not cater to everyone’s preferences, it is undeniably a truck that meets the expectations of traditional truck enthusiasts. Di Tran’s review provides a personal perspective on what makes the Cybertruck a unique and compelling choice for those seeking a robust and aesthetically striking vehicle. This truck is a true engineering marvel, embodying both the beauty and the brawn that truck lovers crave.