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The Welcoming Nature of Immigrant Salons: A Deep Dive into Asian and Latino Establishments

Immigrant-run salons, particularly those owned and operated by Asian and Latino communities, are often observed as some of the most welcoming establishments, even when there may be a language barrier involved. Several reasons underpin this welcoming atmosphere, and it’s worth delving deeper to understand the dynamics.

1. The Immigrant Experience

Immigrants, regardless of their background, often face challenges that range from cultural adjustment to financial hardships. The act of immigrating often involves great risks, with many leaving behind families, homes, and familiar surroundings in search of better opportunities1. This shared experience can foster a sense of community and empathy, which is frequently reflected in the way they conduct their businesses.

2. The Significance of Service

For many immigrant entrepreneurs, the salon business isn’t just a source of income; it’s a lifeline. Given the stakes, there’s an inherent motivation to provide the best service possible. An article in the Journal of Business Diversity has highlighted how first-generation immigrant business owners, particularly from Asian and Latino communities, emphasize the importance of customer service as a distinguishing factor2.

3. Cultural Values

Both Asian and Latino cultures often emphasize the importance of community, hospitality, and warmth. In many cultures from these regions, welcoming guests and making them feel at home is a deeply rooted value3. These values naturally extend to the business environment, shaping the customer experience in these salons.

4. Overcoming Language Barriers

While broken English might be seen as a hindrance, many immigrant salon owners and workers use it as an opportunity to establish a more intimate connection with their clients. Gestures, smiles, and other non-verbal cues play a crucial role. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words,” and in this context, the quality of service, attention to detail, and warmth become paramount.

5. Economic Perspectives

The competitive nature of the salon industry, coupled with the need to establish a loyal customer base, means that immigrant-owned businesses often go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. According to the Small Business Administration, there’s a higher business survival rate among immigrant entrepreneurs compared to their native-born counterparts4. This can be attributed to the combination of hard work, determination, and the aforementioned emphasis on superior customer service.


While it’s an oversimplification to attribute the welcoming nature of Asian and Latino immigrant salons solely to their immigrant background, it undoubtedly plays a significant role. The combination of cultural values, the significance of service in the immigrant experience, and the sheer determination to succeed in a new land culminates in a business environment that is warm, welcoming, and focused on client satisfaction.



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