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The Sweet Reminder: When My Children Lead Me Back to Prayer and Affirmation

Author: Di Tran, Author of “My God is My PEACE

There is an unparalleled beauty in the moments when life comes full circle, and the teachings we have so earnestly imparted onto our children are reflected back onto us. Such moments become milestones, reassuring us that in the grand tapestry of life, we are indeed threading the right patterns. As a parent, one of those profound moments occurred when my children, with innocence and earnestness, reminded me to pray and embrace affirmation

Embarking on a Journey of Faith and Positivity

In these tender moments, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between our little family ritual and the profound affirmations made by Jesus and other biblical figures. Jesus, in His divine wisdom, declared His identity and mission with conviction: “I am the bread of life,” “I am the light of the world,” “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” These were not just statements; they were affirmations of His divine purpose, serving as a beacon of hope and guidance for humanity.

The Apostle Paul, amidst his trials, found strength in the affirmation, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This profound declaration is a testament to the transformative power of positive affirmations rooted in faith.

Finding Peace in Affirmations

My book, “My God is My PEACE,” delves into the essence of finding tranquility in God’s presence and the power of positive affirmations. When my children, with their pure hearts, remind me to pray and affirm the good in life, I am reminded of the importance of instilling these practices in their lives. They are not just reciting words; they are shaping their reality, anchoring themselves in peace and positivity.

Affirmation as a Tool for Attraction

Affirmations go beyond the realms of self-assurance; they are powerful tools for attracting the abundance of the universe. The Law of Attraction emphasizes that our thoughts and words have the power to shape our reality. By affirming positive truths, we align ourselves with the infinite possibilities of the universe, attracting the very essence of what we proclaim.

King David, in his psalms, beautifully illustrates this principle, declaring, “The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?” Here, David is not just speaking words; he is aligning his spirit with the infinite peace and protection of God, attracting divine assurance into his life.

Cultivating a Legacy of Positive Affirmations

As a parent, witnessing my children embrace prayer and positive affirmations is a testament to the seeds of faith and positivity sown in their hearts. They are learning to navigate life with a spirit of assurance, peace, and positivity. Joshua’s declaration, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD,” resonates deeply, as it reflects the legacy we are cultivating—a legacy grounded in faith, positive affirmations, and the unwavering belief in the infinite goodness of the universe.

Conclusion: The Circle of Positivity and Faith

In these precious moments of reflection, when my children become my teachers, reminding me to pray and affirm the good in life, I am reassured that I am threading the right patterns in the tapestry of life. Affirmations, rooted in faith and positivity, are powerful tools for attracting divine peace, assurance, and the infinite abundance of the universe. They are the threads that weave together a legacy of faith, ensuring that the circle of positivity and divine assurance continues for generations to come.