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“Be the Most Easy Person to Work With”: The Power of Approachability in Business and Life


In today’s fast-paced world, interpersonal dynamics can make or break opportunities. The adage “Be the most easy person to work with in all things” offers a compelling strategy for success in both professional and personal endeavors. But what does it mean, and why is it important?

What: The Definition of “Easy to Work With”

Being easy to work with doesn’t imply being a pushover or lacking in principles. It means being approachable, flexible, understanding, and open to communication. It’s about minimizing friction, facilitating collaboration, and fostering an environment of trust.

Why: The Advantages of Being Approachable

  1. Builds Trust: People are more inclined to trust those they can easily communicate with and who show understanding.
  2. Opens Opportunities: When you’re known as someone who is easy to collaborate with, you attract more opportunities.
  3. Reduces Stress: Reducing interpersonal conflicts means less stress for everyone involved.
  4. Enhances Reputation: Word spreads when someone is pleasant to work with, bolstering one’s professional and personal reputation.

Where: Everywhere it Matters

Being easy to work with is beneficial in almost every context:

  1. Business: In negotiations, projects, and everyday interactions, being approachable can lead to better deals and partnerships.
  2. Family: Harmonious family relationships can be nurtured when individuals are understanding and easy to communicate with.
  3. Friendships: Friendships flourish when both parties feel heard and respected.
  4. Community Involvement: Community projects and events thrive on collaboration. Being easy to work with can lead to more community involvement and impact.

When: Timing is Everything

There’s never a wrong time to be easy to work with, but there are moments when it’s particularly critical:

  1. During Conflicts: Approachability can de-escalate situations and lead to resolutions.
  2. At the Start of New Projects: Set the tone for collaboration from the get-go.
  3. During Negotiations: Being easy to work with can lead to more favorable outcomes.
  4. In Times of Change: Flexibility and understanding can make transitions smoother for everyone involved.

Examples: Approachability in Action

  1. In Business: A manager known for being easy to work with might receive honest feedback from her team, leading to more effective strategies and increased productivity.
  2. In Life: An individual known for his approachability might find neighbors more willing to help out in times of need, fostering a tight-knit community.
  3. In Personal Endeavors: A community organizer, known for being easy to work with, might find volunteers more willing to join and contribute to their cause.


Being the most easy person to work with is a philosophy that can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s more than just a strategy—it’s a way of living that fosters trust, opens doors, and creates lasting, positive impressions. Whether in business, family, friendships, or community involvement, approachability is a priceless asset that paves the way for success and fulfillment.