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Legacy of Learning and Community: The Story of David Jones Sr. and the Familial Roots of Humana

In a compelling narrative of legacy and entrepreneurial spirit, David Jones Jr. presents his late father David Jones Sr.’s journey, an account that resonates deeply with listeners such as Di Tran. Tran, a small business owner who also ventured into authorship as a tribute to his own mother, finds a kindred spirit in Jones Jr.’s dedication to completing his father’s book.

David Jones Sr.’s story is one of a modest beginning, borrowing a mere $1,000 to build what would become Humana, a testament to the family-oriented business ethos that still permeates the company’s operations in Louisville. This same commitment to community and family values echoes in Tran’s business philosophy and his written work, “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERs.”

Jones Sr. was a voracious reader, known for his wagonful of library books, and his proactive nature in applying learned knowledge is highlighted as a key to his success. This appetite for learning and immediate application is an inspirational takeaway for entrepreneurs like Tran.

The foundational pillars of education and faith were also pivotal in Jones Sr.’s life. His advocacy for public education, specifically the Jefferson County Public Schools, and the structured, community-centric environment provided by church attendance, were not just about religious doctrine but about instilling discipline, responsibility, and a sense of community in his children—values that have undoubtedly contributed to the family’s lasting impact on the business and philanthropic landscapes.

As Tran reflects on these learnings, the story of the Jones family not only honors the memory of a father but also serves as a beacon for current and future generations of entrepreneurs.

P.S. – In a moment of heartfelt gratitude, Di Tran approached David Jones Jr., extending a handshake filled with appreciation. “Thank you to your family, and Humana, for you made me who I am today—an American, an engineer which I was the principal software architect, holding the top ranking as an engineer and living the American dream right here in our proud Louisville, Kentucky,” he expressed, his words echoing the profound influence of the Jones family’s legacy on individuals and the community at large.

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“Be the Most Easy Person to Work With”: The Power of Approachability in Business and Life


In today’s fast-paced world, interpersonal dynamics can make or break opportunities. The adage “Be the most easy person to work with in all things” offers a compelling strategy for success in both professional and personal endeavors. But what does it mean, and why is it important?

What: The Definition of “Easy to Work With”

Being easy to work with doesn’t imply being a pushover or lacking in principles. It means being approachable, flexible, understanding, and open to communication. It’s about minimizing friction, facilitating collaboration, and fostering an environment of trust.

Why: The Advantages of Being Approachable

  1. Builds Trust: People are more inclined to trust those they can easily communicate with and who show understanding.
  2. Opens Opportunities: When you’re known as someone who is easy to collaborate with, you attract more opportunities.
  3. Reduces Stress: Reducing interpersonal conflicts means less stress for everyone involved.
  4. Enhances Reputation: Word spreads when someone is pleasant to work with, bolstering one’s professional and personal reputation.

Where: Everywhere it Matters

Being easy to work with is beneficial in almost every context:

  1. Business: In negotiations, projects, and everyday interactions, being approachable can lead to better deals and partnerships.
  2. Family: Harmonious family relationships can be nurtured when individuals are understanding and easy to communicate with.
  3. Friendships: Friendships flourish when both parties feel heard and respected.
  4. Community Involvement: Community projects and events thrive on collaboration. Being easy to work with can lead to more community involvement and impact.

When: Timing is Everything

There’s never a wrong time to be easy to work with, but there are moments when it’s particularly critical:

  1. During Conflicts: Approachability can de-escalate situations and lead to resolutions.
  2. At the Start of New Projects: Set the tone for collaboration from the get-go.
  3. During Negotiations: Being easy to work with can lead to more favorable outcomes.
  4. In Times of Change: Flexibility and understanding can make transitions smoother for everyone involved.

Examples: Approachability in Action

  1. In Business: A manager known for being easy to work with might receive honest feedback from her team, leading to more effective strategies and increased productivity.
  2. In Life: An individual known for his approachability might find neighbors more willing to help out in times of need, fostering a tight-knit community.
  3. In Personal Endeavors: A community organizer, known for being easy to work with, might find volunteers more willing to join and contribute to their cause.


Being the most easy person to work with is a philosophy that can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s more than just a strategy—it’s a way of living that fosters trust, opens doors, and creates lasting, positive impressions. Whether in business, family, friendships, or community involvement, approachability is a priceless asset that paves the way for success and fulfillment.