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The Essence of Belief: Di Tran Bourbon’s Limited-Edition Legacy

In the heart of Kentucky, a new star has risen in the bourbon firmament: Di Tran Bourbon Belief, a distillation not just of grain and barrel but of conviction and camaraderie. With a bold release of only 200 bottles, Di Tran has crafted more than a spirit; he has bottled the essence of entrepreneurship and the spirit of human connection.

Di Tran Bourbon is not just a drink; it’s a narrative of passion, distilled to perfection. The inaugural edition, “BELIEF,” is a testament to the company’s core philosophy: that everything begins and ends with belief. This limited batch is not just a beverage; it’s a celebration of the shared belief in the magic of a moment, the warmth of companionship, and the simple pleasure of a shared sip.

Di Tran, the visionary behind this elixir, insists that “BELIEF” is an homage to the power of togetherness. He says, “A sip of bourbon with a friend starts with belief in the power of companionship, the enjoyment of simply being there and sharing the joy and moment with each other. Bourbon tends to boost this feeling.”

But “BELIEF” is more than an inaugural product; it’s the cornerstone of Di Tran’s entrepreneurial spirit. As Di Tran Enterprises continues to launch ventures in health, education, and beauty, the ethos remains the same: all endeavors are rooted in the belief of serving others and enhancing the value of each life touched. This philosophy is woven into the very fabric of the company’s ventures, and “BELIEF” bourbon is its liquid embodiment.

Founded in the Beechmond area of Louisville, Kentucky, within the 40214 zip code, located in the southern region of Louisville.

Purity is a principle that Di Tran holds dear, especially when it comes to bourbon. “BELIEF” is a barrel-proof bourbon, unadulterated, capturing the raw integrity of its ingredients. Each bottle is a labor of love, watched over by Di Tran from barrel to bottle, sealed and waxed with meticulous attention to detail.

This super rare, 8-year-old bourbon is not just a collector’s delight; it’s a beacon of generosity. Priced at an MSRP of $125, Di Tran’s intention is to share this treasure with bourbon enthusiasts and support nonprofit organizations through fundraising.

The clock is ticking, and only a few bottles remain. For those who wish to savor this expression of belief, to own a piece of Di Tran’s dream, the time to act is now. Reach out to Di Tran Bourbon via Facebook for Di Tran Enterprises or at [email protected] to reserve your piece of history. “BELIEF” may be a limited edition, but the legacy it leaves will be savored for years to come.

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Legacy of Learning and Community: The Story of David Jones Sr. and the Familial Roots of Humana

In a compelling narrative of legacy and entrepreneurial spirit, David Jones Jr. presents his late father David Jones Sr.’s journey, an account that resonates deeply with listeners such as Di Tran. Tran, a small business owner who also ventured into authorship as a tribute to his own mother, finds a kindred spirit in Jones Jr.’s dedication to completing his father’s book.

David Jones Sr.’s story is one of a modest beginning, borrowing a mere $1,000 to build what would become Humana, a testament to the family-oriented business ethos that still permeates the company’s operations in Louisville. This same commitment to community and family values echoes in Tran’s business philosophy and his written work, “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERs.”

Jones Sr. was a voracious reader, known for his wagonful of library books, and his proactive nature in applying learned knowledge is highlighted as a key to his success. This appetite for learning and immediate application is an inspirational takeaway for entrepreneurs like Tran.

The foundational pillars of education and faith were also pivotal in Jones Sr.’s life. His advocacy for public education, specifically the Jefferson County Public Schools, and the structured, community-centric environment provided by church attendance, were not just about religious doctrine but about instilling discipline, responsibility, and a sense of community in his children—values that have undoubtedly contributed to the family’s lasting impact on the business and philanthropic landscapes.

As Tran reflects on these learnings, the story of the Jones family not only honors the memory of a father but also serves as a beacon for current and future generations of entrepreneurs.

P.S. – In a moment of heartfelt gratitude, Di Tran approached David Jones Jr., extending a handshake filled with appreciation. “Thank you to your family, and Humana, for you made me who I am today—an American, an engineer which I was the principal software architect, holding the top ranking as an engineer and living the American dream right here in our proud Louisville, Kentucky,” he expressed, his words echoing the profound influence of the Jones family’s legacy on individuals and the community at large.

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The Triple T Strategy: Harmonizing Personal Virtues and Organizational Values for Holistic Growth

In a world that often demands instant results and quick fixes, the philosophy of growth, both personal and organizational, can be beautifully encapsulated by the convergence of two sets of Triple Ts— a Vietnamese perspective (Tâm, Tầm, Tài) and a philanthropic English perspective (Time, Talent, Treasure). These Triple Ts serve as a compass for selecting associates and friends while fostering an environment conducive to holistic development.

Personal Development: Starting with Tâm (Heart)

The journey begins with the individual and the core Vietnamese value of “Tâm,” akin to the English concept of dedicating “Time.” When we start with heart, we give time generously to our endeavors. The heart’s capacity for empathy, morality, and integrity shapes the character, while the time invested in self-improvement and helping others lays the groundwork for a life rich in purpose and connection. As individuals, prioritizing “Tâm” allows us to engage deeply with our communities, offering our time as a testament to our commitment to growth.

Broadening Perspectives with Tầm (Vision)

As one’s journey progresses, the importance of “Tầm,” or vision, comes into play, mirroring the need to leverage one’s “Talent” in the English Triple T. This step involves looking beyond immediate horizons and honing one’s skills for a greater purpose. As individuals, identifying our talents and aligning them with our vision crafts a path for continuous learning and application of our unique skills. For organizations, this means attracting and nurturing talent that shares the collective vision, fostering innovation and driving sustainable growth.

Achieving Excellence through Tài (Talent)

The final Vietnamese T, “Tài,” symbolizes the excellence and expertise we aspire to attain and resonates with the English concept of “Treasure.” At this stage, an individual’s personal mastery and the organization’s resource accumulation reach their zenith. This isn’t merely about financial wealth but represents the richness of experience, knowledge, and capability. Investing our treasure back into the systems that fostered our growth reflects a maturity of purpose and the pinnacle of the Triple T alignment.

Implementation: A Step-by-Step Approach

The implementation of the Triple T strategy is a gradual process, beginning with an inward focus and progressively expanding outward:

  1. Self-Assessment and Cultivation: Individuals start with introspection, cultivating a good heart and dedicating time to personal development and community service.
  2. Skill Development and Vision Expansion: As talents are honed, one’s vision should broaden. This is the phase where individuals and organizations align their unique abilities with long-term goals and objectives.
  3. Resource Investment and Mastery: The culmination of efforts in personal and organizational growth should lead to an accumulation of resources—knowledge, experience, and financial capital—that can be reinvested to fuel the cycle of growth.

Choosing Associates and Friends

Surrounding oneself with people who embody these values is crucial. Relationships should be nurtured with those who share a commitment to growth, possess complementary talents, and understand the importance of giving back. In a professional context, this translates to building a team or organization whose members are aligned with the core Triple T values.


The Triple Ts—whether from Vietnamese or English cultural origins—provide a roadmap for those seeking sustained growth and positive impact. By starting with the heart, expanding one’s vision and talent, and wisely investing one’s treasure, both individuals and organizations can develop harmoniously. This alignment fosters environments where people thrive, organizations reach their potential, and communities become stronger. It’s a testament to the power of virtues and values in guiding us toward a more fulfilled and purposeful existence.


Whoever Says Money Does Not Make You Happy, That Person Never Tried Giving Money Away

The age-old adage that money cannot buy happiness is often met with a skeptical eye by those who have experienced the joy of giving. This statement is supported by various authors and scholars who have explored the relationship between money, hard work, accumulated wealth, and the joy that comes from giving.

Money and Happiness: A Complex Relationship

In his book “The High Price of Materialism,” Tim Kasser articulates that the relentless pursuit of wealth can lead to unhappiness. However, he also acknowledges that using money in a way that aligns with one’s values, such as giving to others, can indeed foster happiness.

The Hard Work and Joy of Accumulation

Creating wealth is not merely about amassing money. It’s about the journey, the lessons learned, and the hard work put in. In “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell discusses the ‘10,000-Hour Rule,’ where mastery in any field requires immense hard work. This mastery, when utilized to accumulate wealth, can be a source of joy and satisfaction.

Wealth as a Tool for Good

Money itself is not inherently good or evil; rather, it is how it is used that determines its value. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two of the world’s wealthiest individuals, have pledged to give away the majority of their fortunes. They exemplify how accumulated wealth can be a force for good in the world.

In his book “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World,” Bill Clinton emphasizes the transformative power of giving. He illustrates that the act of donating money and time to causes that matter can have a profound impact on both the giver and the receiver.

The Philosophy of Giving

The connection between money and happiness becomes more evident when we examine the act of giving. In “The Life You Can Save,” Peter Singer argues that donating to those less fortunate is not just a moral duty but also a path to personal fulfillment.


The claim that money does not make one happy oversimplifies a complex issue. As supported by various authors and books, the act of hard work, accumulating wealth, and especially giving it away can indeed be sources of profound happiness. The joy of giving, supported by the responsible accumulation of wealth, reveals that money can indeed be a tool for positive change and personal contentment.

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Salvation Army: Di Tran’s Heartfelt Encounter with the Unwavering Goodness of the American People

Di Tran, renowned author of “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS” and soon-to-be-released book “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH,” recently took a heartfelt journey into the front lines of American philanthropy. Given a tour by Kelly Hutchinson of the Salvation Army branch in Louisville, Tran witnessed the transformative operations of an organization that feeds hundreds and houses over 200 homeless individuals every night.

This Salvation Army branch, operating out of a former old high school – The Male High School, provides more than just sustenance and shelter. It delivers a comprehensive support system teaching individuals how to survive homelessness and eventually transition out of it.

For Tran, the tour stirred profound personal memories. Nearly three decades ago, Tran emigrated from Vietnam, a third-world country where he grew up in a rural mud hut, and his father owned only a single pair of pants. Fast-forward to today, and Tran’s visit to the Salvation Army brought into sharp focus the stark contrast between his past and his current life. It reminded him of the remarkable compassion inherent in American society and the unwavering commitment of organizations like the Salvation Army to serve those in need.

His reflections following the tour encapsulate an appreciation of the opportunities that life in America offers, the inherent beauty of humanity, and the fortuitous blessings that living in this country brings. Particularly impressed by the compassionate work carried out by Hutchinson and her team, Tran felt an even greater conviction about the goodness within people, their ability to serve others selflessly, and the potential for change that can stem from such dedicated service.

Drawing from this inspirational encounter, Tran proposes a solution to chronicle the life-changing stories emanating from such organizations. His recently established company, MiaHire USA, offers a virtual interview solution designed to capture, store, and showcase testimonies from a wide range of individuals – from the homeless being served to the caregivers and servers committed to making a difference.

Tran envisions MiaHire USA as a centralized platform for recording the essence of humanity that permeates organizations like the Salvation Army. Whether for profit or non-profit organizations, conducting interviews, screenings, testimonies, or surveys, Tran believes that MiaHire USA is the optimal platform to narrate these stories of resilience and transformation.

For those interested in exploring the potential of MiaHire USA as a tool for capturing human narratives in their organizations, Di Tran welcomes inquiries at [email protected].

In summary, Di Tran’s visit to the Salvation Army has not only reinforced his belief in the goodness of people but also sparked a vision for leveraging technology to amplify these stories of hope, resilience, and transformation. Through his upcoming book and innovative platforms like MiaHire USA, he continues to inspire and facilitate change, one story at a time.

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How Much Life is Left for You? Adding Value and Leaving a Legacy

Introduction: Life is a precious gift, and every passing moment brings us closer to the inevitable question: How much life is left for us? Contemplating our mortality can be both humbling and thought-provoking. It prompts us to reflect on the value we have added to our lives and the legacy we wish to leave behind. In this article, we delve into these profound questions, encouraging introspection and exploring ways to make our lives more meaningful.

Embracing the Present: The first step in assessing the remaining time we have is to embrace the present moment. Life is a fleeting experience, and dwelling on the past or worrying excessively about the future can detract from the richness of the present. By practicing mindfulness and being fully engaged in our daily lives, we can savor each experience and make the most of the time we have.

Adding Value to Life: Adding value to our lives involves nurturing personal growth, cultivating relationships, and making a positive impact on others. It begins with self-reflection and understanding our passions, talents, and aspirations. Pursuing meaningful goals and continuously learning and developing ourselves can bring fulfillment and purpose to our lives.

Furthermore, investing in relationships and fostering meaningful connections with family, friends, and communities can provide a deep sense of belonging and happiness. Acts of kindness, compassion, and service not only benefit others but also enrich our own lives. Small gestures of love and support can create a ripple effect, making a lasting difference in the lives of those around us.

Leaving a Legacy: While we may not like to dwell on the thought, our time on Earth is finite. Contemplating our legacy can help us realize the impact we can have beyond our own lifetime. Leaving a legacy is not limited to grand achievements or monumental contributions. It can be as simple as passing on wisdom, values, and cherished memories to future generations.

One powerful way to leave a legacy is by sharing our stories and experiences. Our unique perspectives, insights, and lessons learned can inspire and guide others. Writing a memoir, creating a personal blog, or simply having heartfelt conversations with loved ones can ensure that our wisdom and experiences are cherished and carried forward.

Additionally, we can consider making a lasting impact through philanthropy or involvement in causes that align with our values. By supporting organizations or initiatives that address pressing societal issues or promote positive change, we can leave behind a tangible mark on the world.

Conclusion: Reflecting on the time we have left and the value we add to life is a deeply personal journey. It requires introspection, self-discovery, and conscious action. Embracing the present, adding value to our lives through personal growth and meaningful connections, and leaving a legacy that echoes beyond our own existence can bring a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose. Remember, every day is an opportunity to make our lives count and create a meaningful impact in the world.