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Legacy of Learning and Community: The Story of David Jones Sr. and the Familial Roots of Humana

In a compelling narrative of legacy and entrepreneurial spirit, David Jones Jr. presents his late father David Jones Sr.’s journey, an account that resonates deeply with listeners such as Di Tran. Tran, a small business owner who also ventured into authorship as a tribute to his own mother, finds a kindred spirit in Jones Jr.’s dedication to completing his father’s book.

David Jones Sr.’s story is one of a modest beginning, borrowing a mere $1,000 to build what would become Humana, a testament to the family-oriented business ethos that still permeates the company’s operations in Louisville. This same commitment to community and family values echoes in Tran’s business philosophy and his written work, “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERs.”

Jones Sr. was a voracious reader, known for his wagonful of library books, and his proactive nature in applying learned knowledge is highlighted as a key to his success. This appetite for learning and immediate application is an inspirational takeaway for entrepreneurs like Tran.

The foundational pillars of education and faith were also pivotal in Jones Sr.’s life. His advocacy for public education, specifically the Jefferson County Public Schools, and the structured, community-centric environment provided by church attendance, were not just about religious doctrine but about instilling discipline, responsibility, and a sense of community in his children—values that have undoubtedly contributed to the family’s lasting impact on the business and philanthropic landscapes.

As Tran reflects on these learnings, the story of the Jones family not only honors the memory of a father but also serves as a beacon for current and future generations of entrepreneurs.

P.S. – In a moment of heartfelt gratitude, Di Tran approached David Jones Jr., extending a handshake filled with appreciation. “Thank you to your family, and Humana, for you made me who I am today—an American, an engineer which I was the principal software architect, holding the top ranking as an engineer and living the American dream right here in our proud Louisville, Kentucky,” he expressed, his words echoing the profound influence of the Jones family’s legacy on individuals and the community at large.

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The Power of Perspectives: Di Tran Reflects on Major General Donn H. Hill’s Insights

The journey of Major General Donn H. Hill through the ranks of the U.S. Army is not just an individual story but is emblematic of the values and principles that have shaped the nation’s defense forces. As Hill has risen through the ranks, his experience and leadership have resonated with many, including Di Tran, an esteemed small business owner and accomplished author of books like “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs.”

For Di Tran, a proud American and Vietnamese immigrant, the honor of being in the presence of Major General Hill was a profound experience. Tran, with his unique perspective, found himself resonating deeply with two significant points from Hill’s speech:

  1. The global perspective on the USA is one of admiration. People from various corners of the world often possess a profound reverence for the United States and are sometimes more willing to champion its cause than some of its own citizens. This is a sentiment that Tran, as an immigrant, understands intimately. Having witnessed the promise of the American dream firsthand, Tran’s journey to the U.S. and his subsequent success are testament to the opportunities the country offers.
  2. Trust, as emphasized by Major General Hill, remains paramount. The U.S. Army stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, often paralleled only by small businesses in terms of institutional trustworthiness. For Tran, this trust is not merely a word but a principle that has guided his business ethics and practices.

Tran’s deep love for the United States and his commitment to serving it to the best of his ability was only further solidified after attending the general’s speech. Sharing the room with active and retired generals was not just a moment of honor but a reminder of the great responsibilities and privileges that come with being an American.

In many ways, the stories of Major General Donn H. Hill and Di Tran converge in their shared love for their nation. Both individuals, in their respective fields, exemplify the ideals of service, trust, and dedication. And as Tran continues to serve both his customers and his country, he carries with him the wisdom and insights imparted by leaders like Major General Hill.

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Di Tran’s Reflections on Compassionate Living

Di Tran’s powerful statement, “I learned to genuinely care for others within the capacity that I have in sale, in doing all things. Value given, equal values returned from multiple directions,” captures the essence of his philosophy. It underscores the idea that when we invest our energies in uplifting and supporting others, we not only contribute to the betterment of our communities but also attract positive energies in return. This principle forms the crux of his writings and teachings.

In “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs”, Tran masterfully expounds on the idea that moving away from a self-centric perspective and prioritizing the needs and well-being of others can lead to more profound personal growth and societal harmony. He emphasizes the inherent value of every individual and the mutual benefits of compassion and understanding.

“Guiding Lights: A Journey of Courage, Compassion, and Faith” is yet another testament to Tran’s commitment to advocating for a life centered around community and compassion. Here, he intertwines tales of resilience and the power of faith, offering readers a beacon of hope in times of adversity.

The anticipation surrounding his upcoming work, “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH,” suggests that Tran will delve even deeper into the interconnectedness of faith, community, and personal growth. With fear often acting as a barrier to meaningful connections and compassionate action, a shift towards faith and trust can open doors to transformative experiences.

Tran’s teachings resonate with the works of other renowned authors who have championed similar philosophies. For instance, Dale Carnegie, in his classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” emphasizes the importance of genuine interest in others as a key to personal and professional success. Similarly, Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” encourages readers to adopt a mindset of mutual benefit and understanding, aligning closely with Tran’s beliefs.

In conclusion, Di Tran’s writings provide a profound reminder that in giving, we receive, and in caring for others, we nurture our souls. His emphasis on shifting focus from the self to the community and from fear to faith provides a roadmap for personal growth and societal well-being. As Tran and other authors have shown, when we genuinely care and invest in others, the universe reciprocates with blessings in myriad forms.

Drop the FEAR and Focus on the FAITH Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERS Guiding Lights: A Journey of Courage, Compassion and Faith Self-Improve Workforce Development

The Pain of Growth: A Deep Dive into Continuous Learning

Growth, in its very essence, is a journey marked by discomfort and resilience. Just like a seed pushing its way through the soil, humans face challenges when stepping out of their comfort zones. Di Tran, a 41-year-old author, often reflects upon this journey, wondering: “What have I truly learned in all these years?”

The act of trying something new, learning a different skill, or accepting a piece of critical feedback – each step requires courage. They force us to question our long-standing beliefs, pushing us into territories we might not be familiar with.

Di Tran, in his books “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs” and “Guiding Lights: A Journey of Courage, Compassion, and Faith,” emphasizes the significance of looking beyond oneself. He beautifully portrays the idea of community and the importance of nurturing relationships for personal and collective growth. With his soon-to-be-released “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH,” we can anticipate a deeper exploration into conquering internal fears and emphasizing faith in the journey of life.

Dr. Carol Dweck’s “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” provides an insightful parallel. Her research on the fixed versus growth mindsets underlines the importance of continuous learning. Dweck contends that those with a growth mindset, although they face the regular discomforts of pushing boundaries, are more likely to lead successful and fulfilled lives.

However, a significant question remains: Are we merely living or truly experiencing life? Have the past 20 or 30 years seen us evolve, or are we trapped in the nostalgia of yesteryears? While some might find solace in consistency, it’s essential to differentiate between being consistent and being stagnant.

True experience of life implies embracing every facet of existence. It’s about challenging one’s fears, expanding horizons, and continuously evolving. Instead of clinging to one aspect of life, it’s about diversity in experiences and continuous growth.

So, as Di Tran stands as a beacon of introspection and growth for many, it’s essential to self-reflect: Are we just existing, or are we genuinely living our life to its fullest potential? To truly experience life means more than just existing—it means cherishing every lesson, questioning norms, and embarking on the journey of continuous learning.

In sum, the journey of growth, filled with its daily, weekly, or monthly pains, is a necessary path towards a fulfilling life. It’s a testament to our potential and our unwavering spirit of discovery. As we forge ahead, let’s celebrate these growing pains as markers of our unending quest for knowledge and experience.

Drop the FEAR and Focus on the FAITH Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERS Guiding Lights: A Journey of Courage, Compassion and Faith Small Businesses Workforce Development

Making the Complex Simple: Di Tran’s Journey to Authenticity

“Everyone can make things more complex, but not everyone can simplify things,” says Di Tran, the celebrated author, mentor, and life enthusiast. This statement isn’t just a mere quote; it’s a testament to Tran’s life experiences, insights, and profound wisdom.

Di Tran’s Philosophical Approach

Di Tran’s philosophy revolves around the idea of simplifying the complex. In a world where chaos often reigns, Tran’s perspective teaches us to focus on the core essence of a situation. According to him, making things simpler is not just an ability; it’s a skill that holds immense value and can even bring wealth.

Author of Transformational Books

Di Tran’s books, including “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs” and “Guiding Lights: A Journey of Courage, Compassion, and Faith: Discovering Enduring Bonds and Timeless Wisdom Amidst Life’s Convolution,” reflect his journey and commitment to aiding others in understanding life’s complexities.

“Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs” challenges the self-centered attitudes that often pervade society. It promotes empathy and compassion, aiming to inspire readers to look beyond themselves.

“Guiding Lights” is an exploratory work that delves into life’s twists and turns. It helps readers find enduring bonds and timeless wisdom amidst life’s convolution, illuminating a path that’s not only simpler but also more humane and fulfilling.

From Complexity to Simplicity

Di Tran’s life itself is an illustration of the transformation from complexity to simplicity. He recognizes that complexity is often self-imposed, a tangled web we create around our lives. By unwinding this web and focusing on the essence, he has helped thousands to realign their priorities and understand what truly matters.

Wealth through Value

Tran emphasizes that simplifying things doesn’t just make life easier; it brings value. The real richness of life, according to him, is found in connections, empathy, and a compassionate approach. By being the one who can make things simpler, you provide an essential service to those around you, and that’s where your true wealth resides.


Di Tran’s wisdom transcends mere words; it is a practical guide for life. His books and teachings inspire a way of living that seeks to declutter not just our physical space but our thoughts, relationships, and even our very essence.

The idea of simplifying the complex is not just a concept; it’s a necessary skill in today’s convoluted world. Di Tran’s experience in life has taught him this valuable lesson, and through his words, he continues to guide others towards a path that is both enriching and enlightening.

His philosophy isn’t about making things easier but about making them clearer, more meaningful, and thus, more valuable. It’s a lesson we all can learn from, applying it not only to our personal lives but also in our relationships and careers, truly embracing the beauty of simplicity.

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Thuy Van Cafe: A Family-Owned Gem Serving Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine in Louisville, KY

When it comes to authentic and consistently delicious Vietnamese cuisine in Louisville, Kentucky, look no further than Thuy Van Cafe. Located at 5600 National Turnpike, Louisville, KY 40214, this family-owned restaurant has been a staple in the community for decades, with fans like Di Tran, author of “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs” and soon-to-be-released “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH” books.

Di Tran has been a loyal customer of Thuy Van Cafe for almost 30 years. Growing up in Louisville and now raising his own family, he has been a regular at the restaurant for years, although with a busy schedule and three babies, he doesn’t get to eat there weekly like he used to. However, whenever he does get the chance to visit, he always brings his second generation – his kids. And if you take one look at the picture of his kids fighting over the food, you’ll know just how good it is.

Di Tran is a food critic, and he is quite critical when it comes to Vietnamese food. From Pho to Banh Mi, Che Ba Mau, Bun thit nuong, and more, he knows his stuff. And he can attest that Thuy Van Cafe does not disappoint. Each dish is prepared with the utmost care and authenticity, and the flavors are consistently delicious.

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup made with beef broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat – typically beef or chicken. It’s a staple dish in Vietnamese cuisine and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich typically served on a baguette with pickled vegetables, cilantro, chili peppers, and meat – usually pork, chicken, or beef. It’s a popular street food in Vietnam and has become increasingly popular in the US.

Che Ba Mau, also known as three-color dessert, is a traditional Vietnamese dessert made with layers of beans, jelly, and coconut milk. It’s a sweet and refreshing treat that’s perfect for a hot summer day.

Bun thit nuong is a popular Vietnamese dish made with grilled pork, vermicelli noodles, lettuce, and herbs. It’s often served with a fish sauce dressing and can be topped with peanuts and fried onions.

At Thuy Van Cafe, you can be sure that each of these dishes – and more – will be prepared with the utmost care and authenticity. The family-owned restaurant takes pride in serving consistently delicious food that keeps customers coming back for more.

So if you’re in the Louisville area and looking for authentic and delicious Vietnamese cuisine, head to Thuy Van Cafe. With their warm and welcoming atmosphere and consistently tasty dishes, you won’t be disappointed.

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How Investing in Yourself and Serving Others Can Change Your Life: Lessons from Di Tran

Di Tran is a true inspiration to those looking to make positive changes in their lives. As the author of “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERS” and the soon-to-be-released “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH,” he has devoted his life to sharing his wisdom and helping others achieve their goals.

One of the most important lessons Di Tran has learned is that there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision in life. Rather, the key question to ask is “How invested are you in anything you’re talking about?” If you are truly invested in something, you will find a way to make it happen, regardless of whether it is considered “right” or “wrong” by others.


This philosophy has been instrumental in Di Tran’s own life, particularly when it comes to physical health and small business ventures. He knows that if he wants something badly enough, he will make the necessary sacrifices to achieve it. For example, if he wants a six-pack, he will prioritize working out over eating and take all the necessary steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But Di Tran’s message is not just about personal achievement. He also believes that serving others is one of the most important things we can do in life. This means being willing to take risks and try new things, even if they don’t always work out. It means investing time, money, and energy into helping others achieve their own goals, even if it means sacrificing some of our own desires.

In his mentoring and knowledge sharing sessions, Di Tran often asks the question “How bad do you want it?” because he knows that if we want something badly enough, we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. This means pushing through the hard times and never giving up, even when things seem impossible.

Hard works

For Di Tran, the key to success in life is simple: invest in the things that matter most to you and be willing to serve others. By doing so, we can achieve our own personal goals while also making a positive impact on the world around us. So, the next time you find yourself debating whether a decision is right or wrong, ask yourself instead, “How invested am I in this?” and let Di Tran’s words of wisdom guide you towards a brighter future.

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The Power of Intentional Listening: A Key to Alleviating Loneliness

Loneliness is an experience that many people go through at some point in their lives. It can be a painful and isolating feeling, and it often arises from the sense that one is not understood. When we feel lonely, we may feel that no one truly knows us or understands what we are going through. This can be especially difficult when we are struggling with difficult emotions or situations, and we feel that there is no one we can turn to.

The solution to loneliness, however, may be simpler than we think. While there are many strategies that can help us connect with others and feel more supported, one of the most important is simply to be listened to intentionally. This means being truly present with someone, hearing them out without judgment or the need to offer solutions. Listening is not about fixing someone’s problems, but rather about providing a safe space for them to share their experiences and feelings.

Di Tran, the author of “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs,” understands this fact deeply. He spent 40 years learning how to truly listen to others and be present with them in their struggles. As he explains, when someone feels lonely, they simply need someone to sit with them in the mud where they are in their mental state and allow them to be heard. They don’t want to be fixed, but simply to be seen and heard.

For example, Di Tran’s wife often shares daily life stories with him, and he used to immediately jump into solution mode, trying to fix the situation or make judgments. However, he realized that this was not what his wife needed from him. Instead, she needed him to listen actively and follow along with her story, without trying to change or fix anything.

Learning to listen intentionally can be challenging, however. It requires us to put aside our own agendas, judgments, and desires to be helpful, and simply be present with the other person. It can be difficult to resist the urge to offer solutions or try to fix things, especially if we care deeply about the person and want to help. However, the act of truly listening can be incredibly powerful in and of itself. It can help the other person feel seen, heard, and understood, which can go a long way towards alleviating feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness is often about not feeling understood. However, the answer to loneliness is not to try to fix or change the situation, but simply to be present with the other person and listen intentionally. This can be a powerful way to help others feel seen, heard, and supported, and can go a long way towards alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation. As Di Tran reminds us, dropping the “me” and focusing on the “others” can be the key to truly connecting with others and building deeper, more meaningful relationships.


Di Tran’s 41st Birthday: Reflections on Life, Faith, and Sharing with Others

Di Tran’s 41st birthday marks a new chapter in his life, as he reflects on his past accomplishments and looks forward to new adventures. Having recently authored the book “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs,” and soon releasing “Drop the FEAR and Focus on the FAITH,” Di Tran has gained valuable insights and wisdom that he hopes to share with others.

While there are many cultural and societal beliefs surrounding age 40, Di Tran believes that it’s a time to focus on others and let go of self-centeredness. In “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs,” he encourages readers to shift their perspective and consider the needs and well-being of those around them. This shift in focus can lead to greater empathy, stronger relationships, and a more fulfilling life.

Di Tran’s upcoming book, “Drop the FEAR and Focus on the FAITH,” further explores the idea of letting go of self-doubt and trusting in a higher power. As he approaches his 41st year, Di Tran believes that it’s essential to have faith in oneself and in the universe, even in the face of uncertainty and challenges. This attitude can lead to greater resilience, a more positive outlook, and a deeper sense of purpose.

For Di Tran, turning 41 is not about being “over the hill” or experiencing a midlife crisis. Instead, it’s a time to celebrate all that he has accomplished and to look forward to new opportunities for growth and learning. He believes that everyone’s experience of turning 40 will be different, and he hopes that his books can offer guidance and inspiration to those who are seeking a new perspective on life.

In summary, Di Tran’s 41st birthday is a time of reflection and growth, as he shares his insights and experiences with others through his writing. By focusing on others and letting go of fear, he hopes to inspire others to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Di Tran – Q/A for an Author’s books

When you first moved to the United States, what did the American Dream mean to you?

To me, it meant the freedom to express myself without fear of government suppression. It also meant the ability to share my knowledge and beliefs, as well as pursue economic opportunities. I was grateful for the fact that what I own belongs to me, and not to the government.

For how long have you been living in the USA?

28 years since 1995

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you first arrived in the USA?

The language barrier and the pressure of adjusting to all the new things.

What was your experience like when you first arrived?

Although we knew that the country would offer a better life, it wasn’t exactly as we had imagined in our dreams. Starting with only $400 in our pockets for a family of 5, and without being able to communicate in English with anyone, we were faced with a daunting challenge that was both worrying and challenging. Nonetheless, we remained optimistic and grateful for the opportunities that awaited us in this new country.

Can you describe your journey to the USA?

I came with my cousin who is mixed of an American military personnel. His son was coming home to the USA, and he kindly took us along since our family had helped raise him.

Have you achieved your American Dream?

Absolutely, every day since we first landed here. For example, we ate our first hotdog and burger, even if it was a new experience. We slept on our first mattress, even if it was dirty. We saw snow for the first time walking out of the airport and met people from many other nationalities in the first week. It felt like the whole world was in Louisville, KY, USA.

What challenges did you face to achieve your American Dream?

Although hard work is required everywhere, hard work in America is easier because we knew that good results would come. In Vietnam, effort given did not always lead to good results in a communist country. Therefore, hard work was not a challenge for us to achieve our American Dream.

How did you overcome the challenges you faced in pursuing your American Dream and what surprised you the most?

The key was to constantly learn and take action, always being in survival mode. We anticipated that everything would be new, so nothing was truly surprising, but of course, with every challenge and hard work, there were moments of failure. However, we learned to embrace those failures and use them as opportunities to grow and move forward in life.

What skills did you have to learn to achieve your American Dream?

Education was key to achieving our American Dream. We had to learn new skills and gain knowledge through both life education and formal education. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of free secondary education and partially free post-secondary education (college) for low-income individuals.

What challenges did you face in becoming a professional in the USA?

Language was the biggest challenge for me, and my inherent shyness made it even more difficult.

How did you make professional connections in the USA?

I made a concerted effort to be out and about, and I worked hard to build credibility by serving others. By doing this, I was able to establish relationships and make connections with professionals.

What did you do to connect with the right professionals?

As I moved along, I learned to filter and identify the professionals who could best help me achieve my goals within the limited time I had available.

How did you achieve your American Dream?

I achieved my American Dream through hard work and continuous learning.

How did you become successful?

I became successful by never giving up on working hard and learning constantly. Making progress towards my goals gave me happiness.

In your opinion, what mindset is necessary for someone pursuing the American Dream to learn, survive, connect, grow and succeed in the USA?

The mindset of an American Dreamer is all about taking action. Instead of just thinking about things, you have to learn and apply what you learn.

What advice would you give to someone who is eager to move to the US to experience the American Dream?

I would advise them that the USA is a great country to live in, and it offers many opportunities for success. However, success comes from hard work, and if you’re not willing to put in the effort, then it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

How would you describe the things in your life that you appreciate and feel thankful for?

To put it simply, I am grateful for life itself. The fact that I am alive is a blessing, and this holds true no matter where you are in the world. However, it is easier to appreciate this in America because basic needs such as food, education, and time are more readily available.

References to Di Tran’s Interview

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