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Embracing the Unseen: The Life Lessons of Di Tran

At the age of 41, Di Tran stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, education, and entrepreneurial spirit. As the author of a series of books, owner of multiple small businesses, and holder of several academic degrees, Di’s journey is a compelling narrative of success against the odds. But beyond the accolades and achievements lies a deeper understanding of life, one that Di has graciously shared: “I learned that value a human being around you in the best way you know how and best possible at your condition in your own ways. I learned that behind every person there is more than what is shown that the eye can see and the ear can hear.”

This philosophy underscores Di’s approach to both personal and professional life. It’s a reminder that each individual we encounter carries a unique set of experiences and perspectives, often hidden beneath the surface. Di’s words encourage us to look beyond the obvious, to appreciate the depth and complexity of those around us.

In Di’s view, life is not a matter of right or wrong, but of fit or not fit. This perspective is particularly relevant in today’s diverse and rapidly changing world. It’s a call to respect differences, to understand that what works for one person may not work for another. “Fit or not fit, still respect often its require you to ignore, avoid and thanks God for that difference,” Di advises. This attitude of respect and acceptance is crucial in both personal relationships and professional environments.

Di’s journey and insights offer valuable lessons for all of us. By valuing those around us, looking beyond the surface, and embracing differences, we can create a more inclusive and understanding world. Di Tran’s story is a reminder that behind every achievement lies a deeper wisdom, one that can guide us in our own lives.

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Embracing the True Essence of Work: Insights from Di Tran on the Lunar New Year 2024

On the auspicious occasion of Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrated on February 10, 2024, Di Tran, a prolific small business owner, author, and advocate for human connection and cultural roots in the USA, offers a profound reflection on the intrinsic value of work. His thoughts, deeply rooted in appreciation for origin, history, and human-to-human connections, resonate with a timeless truth: the ability, opportunity, and willingness to work transcend mere financial gain. They embody a divine gift that enables individuals to contribute to society, discover their self-worth, and find genuine happiness in life.

Di Tran’s perspective is not just philosophical; it is lived. Today, he cherishes the unique opportunity to work alongside his mother, a vibrant and passionate septuagenarian who, even in her 70s, exudes an indefatigable spirit. Her dedication to her craft and her customers, many of whom have become like family over 20+ years of loyal patronage, exemplifies a deep-seated passion for work that goes beyond the conventional. Her ability to engage in lively discussions about ideas and art, while serving each customer with the care and attention they would receive from a loved one, highlights the human aspect of business that Di Tran holds dear.

This mother-son duo’s approach to work is emblematic of a broader ethos that sees labor not as a burden, but as a form of worship and a path to fulfillment. Their daily hustle, characterized by creativity, passion, and an unwavering commitment to their community, illustrates the profound connection between work, happiness, and the human spirit. For Di Tran and his mother, work is an expression of love—a way to serve and connect with others, to acknowledge their humanity, and to weave a tapestry of relationships that enriches both their lives and those of their customers.

As Di Tran works quietly alongside his mother, he is moved to gratitude for this opportunity to collaborate, create, and contribute. His reflections on this day are a powerful reminder of the beauty inherent in the ability to work. “God is beautiful, and we thank God that we can work and never stop working,” Di Tran muses, his words a testament to the deep sense of purpose and joy derived from his labor. His gratitude extends to the United States and its people, whose embrace of diversity and opportunity has allowed him and countless others to pursue their dreams and find fulfillment in their work.

In sharing his thoughts during the Tết celebrations, Di Tran not only pays homage to his cultural heritage and familial bonds but also offers a universal message of hope and inspiration. His story is a reminder that work, when embraced as an opportunity to contribute, connect, and create, becomes a source of happiness and fulfillment far surpassing the material rewards it may bring. It is a call to recognize the sacredness of labor and to approach our work with the same passion, creativity, and gratitude that Di Tran and his mother exemplify daily.

As we celebrate the Lunar New Year, let us reflect on the true value of work and its role in our lives. May we all find the same joy in our endeavors, the same sense of purpose in our contributions, and the same deep connection to our fellow humans that Di Tran celebrates. In doing so, we not only honor the legacy of those who have paved the way but also forge a path toward a more fulfilling, connected, and joyful life.

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An Ode to Appreciation: Di Tran’s Journey from Scarcity to Gratitude

In the tapestry of Di Tran’s journey, woven between threads of tireless work and the perpetual echo of survival mode, lies a profound, golden strand of boundless appreciation. When you have walked a path that’s meandered through circumstances worse than homelessness, every subsequent step on sturdier ground is not just a step forward, but a blessing, a reason for deep, abiding gratitude toward life and every nuance it enfolds.

The Pinnacle of Appreciation

Emerging from the grit and despair of a mud hut, where the threat of hunger loomed perennially, Tran’s ascension into a realm where work transcends mere sustenance, to become a beacon of progress and a vessel of altruistic value, is not merely a journey of physical and material elevation. It is an ethereal journey into a space of heartwarming appreciation toward every fragment of existence, toward humanity, and toward the divine and universal energies that permeate life.

Psychological Insight: Gratitude and Wellbeing

Psychological perspectives attest that gratitude isn’t just a resultant state of improved circumstances but a powerful catalyst for enhanced mental and emotional well-being. For Di Tran, each moment of progress, each instance where his work catalyzes value not just for himself, but for others, is a divine gift. This deeply-embedded gratitude, born from past scarcity, not only elevates his perspective but enhances his psychological resilience, providing an additional layer of strength as he navigates through the myriad challenges of entrepreneurship and life.

Basking in Divine Gratitude

“Thanks GOD, the divine infinity, the universe, and all these beautiful energy.” Tran’s words echo a soulful hymn of thanks, a recognition that his journey from the nadir of scarcity to his current stature isn’t solitary but is interwoven with divine and universal energies. His faith and acknowledgment of a higher power do not merely stand as pillars of his spiritual belief but intertwine with his every day, providing a serene backdrop against which his tireless endeavors unfold.

Spiritual Insight: Gratitude as a Spiritual Practice

Transcending psychological paradigms, gratitude, especially in its acknowledgment of a divine source, embeds deeply into spiritual practice. It becomes a perpetual prayer, where every act of work, every step toward progress, and every value-added endeavor becomes an offering, a symbiotic exchange with the universe. Di Tran’s journey thus metamorphoses into a spiritual voyage where his work, progress, and altruistic values seamlessly meld with his spiritual practice of divine gratitude.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Work, Value, and Gratitude

In the holistic view, Di Tran’s life and work become a beautiful symphony where melodies of tireless work, harmonies of altruistic value, and the gentle, persistent rhythm of profound gratitude coalesce into a sublime opus. It stands as a testament that our paths, no matter how jagged, how steeped in scarcity or struggle, can lead us into a space where every step becomes a dance of gratitude and every endeavor a hymn of thanks to the divine and the universe. His story thus doesn’t just inspire but gently whispers to every soul navigating through their unique journeys, reminding them of the beautiful potentiality that resides in every step, every endeavor, and every moment of life.

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The Power of Perspectives: Di Tran Reflects on Major General Donn H. Hill’s Insights

The journey of Major General Donn H. Hill through the ranks of the U.S. Army is not just an individual story but is emblematic of the values and principles that have shaped the nation’s defense forces. As Hill has risen through the ranks, his experience and leadership have resonated with many, including Di Tran, an esteemed small business owner and accomplished author of books like “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs.”

For Di Tran, a proud American and Vietnamese immigrant, the honor of being in the presence of Major General Hill was a profound experience. Tran, with his unique perspective, found himself resonating deeply with two significant points from Hill’s speech:

  1. The global perspective on the USA is one of admiration. People from various corners of the world often possess a profound reverence for the United States and are sometimes more willing to champion its cause than some of its own citizens. This is a sentiment that Tran, as an immigrant, understands intimately. Having witnessed the promise of the American dream firsthand, Tran’s journey to the U.S. and his subsequent success are testament to the opportunities the country offers.
  2. Trust, as emphasized by Major General Hill, remains paramount. The U.S. Army stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, often paralleled only by small businesses in terms of institutional trustworthiness. For Tran, this trust is not merely a word but a principle that has guided his business ethics and practices.

Tran’s deep love for the United States and his commitment to serving it to the best of his ability was only further solidified after attending the general’s speech. Sharing the room with active and retired generals was not just a moment of honor but a reminder of the great responsibilities and privileges that come with being an American.

In many ways, the stories of Major General Donn H. Hill and Di Tran converge in their shared love for their nation. Both individuals, in their respective fields, exemplify the ideals of service, trust, and dedication. And as Tran continues to serve both his customers and his country, he carries with him the wisdom and insights imparted by leaders like Major General Hill.


Di Tran: A Journey from Immigrant Small Business Owner to Global Business Mentor

In 1995, Di Tran, a native of Vietnam, arrived in the United States with no knowledge of the English language. Despite facing language barriers and often being the target of ridicule, he tenaciously built a series of successful small businesses. This journey forged him into a serial entrepreneur, undeterred by obstacles and challenges, embodying the spirit of the American Dream.

Fast forward to the present, Tran is a co-judge at the Cardinal Challenge, a prestigious startup competition where he evaluates pitch presentations along with fellow immigrant professionals and business owners. But beyond his role as a judge, Tran passionately emphasizes the need for fostering the next generation of small business entrepreneurs. He is a living testament that the American Dream isn’t a faded notion but a reality that exists here and now.

Globalization isn’t a novel concept, but its effective implementation necessitates a coherent, supportive framework. Tran believes that building such a system requires collaboration between higher educational institutions like the University of Louisville and community business leaders. The aim is to facilitate the movement of talents and resources between countries, such as the USA and Vietnam.

He isn’t just talking about it; Tran is actively working towards this vision. His ambition extends beyond national borders, aspiring to serve global talents and business owners across the world. To achieve this, he is laying the foundation through Di Tran Enterprises, a company that leverages innovative cloud solutions and AI-driven IT tools.

Tran’s story is one of perseverance, innovation, and unyielding ambition. His journey from an immigrant with limited English skills to a judge at a startup competition, and now a global business mentor, demonstrates that hard work and determination can break down even the most formidable barriers.

In his words, “God blesses America and all who work hard for their goals.” It is clear that he believes in the potency of hard work, the transformative power of education, and the limitless possibilities of entrepreneurship. Di Tran’s journey is a testament to the American Dream in the global age, proving that dreams can thrive wherever the spirit of entrepreneurship is fostered and nurtured.

PS: As Di Tran watched Chris Ratterman elaborate on his journey of building his company and his relentless daily efforts to make sales, he felt a profound sense of alignment. Tran’s own journey has mirrored this tireless hustle for over twenty years. From making social media posts, writing articles, standing at conference booths, selling to customers, investors, and clients – every action has been infused with the same degree of dedication and zeal. Despite the inevitable stress, the process is beautiful and enjoyable, offering rewards that transcend material gain. The value he adds to his community reflects in the tangible returns he receives, reaffirming the maxim: the more you give, the more you get. In Tran’s case, this has indeed materialized in millions of dollars, but the true reward lies in the journey and the countless lives his work touches every day.

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Selma Jacinto Domingos: An Inspiring Story of an Immigrant Small Business Owner Serving the Community in Louisville, KY

Selma Jacinto Domingos is a true inspiration for anyone looking to make it big in the USA. Her story of resilience, persistence, and determination is truly remarkable. As a local family-owned business owner, Founder & CEO of SUN – Selma Unlimited Network, and GHC – Green Health Cleaning Services, Selma has been serving the community of Louisville, KY with great pride and dedication.

Selma’s journey to the USA started with no English background and escaping the political and social-economic situation in her home country, Angola-Africa. Despite facing numerous challenges, Selma overcame all the odds against her and started from zero to become a successful business owner and a certified speaker in the USA. Her life purpose is to inspire and empower each person to create and build a better life for themselves, their children, family, and their community in harmony with integrity, respect, and love by action, self-leadership, and by knowing who they are as a person.

Through her company, Green Health Cleaning Services, Selma educates her clients on the benefits of using Eco-friendly cleaning services to protect their health, family, friends, and co-workers, especially to those who suffer from allergies and have small children or pets. She is also the author of the book “How To Make It Big In The USA – Immigrant Guidebook Series,” where she shares her story of resilience, persistence, and determination to conquer challenges in life and within yourself. She inspires many people, especially immigrants who may find new life here in the USA that are not available in their home countries, on how to navigate and overcome challenges in their lives to achieve their goals.

Selma’s contribution to the Louisville community has been immense. As a board member of the Chamber of Commerce of Jeffersontown and member of the Rotary Club of Louisville, she actively participates in community development initiatives. Her business, SUN – Selma Unlimited Network, is a networking organization that promotes community engagement and helps people build their networks.

Selma’s life purpose is truly inspiring, and her dedication to serving the community through her businesses is an inspiration to all small business owners. Her hard work, determination, resilience, and persistence have paid off, and she is an excellent example of the value that small businesses bring to their communities. Selma Jacinto Domingos is a true asset to the city of Louisville, KY, and we are grateful for her contributions to the community.

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Follow Your Interest, Follow Your Passion: Adding Value to Others and the World

The idea of following your passion and doing what you love is often touted as the key to success and happiness. However, the reality is that passion alone may not be enough to sustain a fulfilling career or life. It is important to consider how your interests and passions can add value to others and the world around you. This is the philosophy behind Di Tran’s book “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERS,” in which he shares his journey from a successful computer engineer to a small business owner dedicated to serving others.

Di Tran followed the conventional path of going to school, attending college, and becoming a computer engineer. He quickly rose to the top of his field and worked for a Fortune 50 company. However, despite his success, Di Tran began to feel bored and unfulfilled in his work. He realized that he had hit a ceiling in his career and that the work had become repetitive and uninteresting.

On the other hand, Di Tran had always been interested in entrepreneurship and had run small businesses on the side. He realized that his passion for serving others through his small businesses was what truly drove him. He decided to leave his career in IT and devote himself to entrepreneurship full-time.

Di Tran’s journey highlights the importance of following your interests and passions while also considering how they can add value to others and the world. Simply doing what you love may not be enough if it does not benefit others or contribute to society. By framing his passion for entrepreneurship in terms of serving others, Di Tran found a fulfilling and meaningful path.

The key takeaway from Di Tran’s story is that it is important to think about how your interests and passions can contribute to the greater good. This does not necessarily mean that you have to pursue a career in a specific field, but rather that you should consider how your skills and talents can be used to make a positive impact.

For example, if you love art, you could consider volunteering at a local community center or school to teach art to children. If you are passionate about the environment, you could look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint or volunteer with an environmental organization. The possibilities are endless, and the important thing is to think beyond yourself and consider how you can make a difference.

Following your interest and passion is important, but it is equally important to consider how your passions can add value to others and the world. Di Tran’s story shows that by framing his passion for entrepreneurship in terms of serving others, he found a fulfilling and meaningful path. So, whether you are just starting out or looking to make a change, take some time to think about how your interests and passions can make a positive impact on the world.