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A Tale of Resilience and Belief: Di Tran’s BELIEF Bourbon and Steven Yeng’s Skrewball Whiskey

In the heart of Louisville, KY, a remarkable meeting took place at Liquor Barn between two extraordinary individuals, Di Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant and proud American, and Steven Yeng, a refugee from Cambodia. Both men, hailing from humble beginnings, have carved out successful paths in the world of entrepreneurship and spirits, showcasing the power of resilience, belief, and the American dream.

Di Tran, a man of many talents, is not only a nurse, licensed nail technician, and computer engineer but also a serial entrepreneur. With a journey that began in dirt-poor Vietnam, Di and his family sought refuge in the United States, where they worked tirelessly to build a better life. Di’s relentless drive and passion for education led him to establish multiple businesses, including the Louisville Beauty Academy and a chain of nail salons, before venturing into the world of bourbon with his exclusive BELIEF collectible bourbon.

On the other side, Steven Yeng’s story mirrors that of Di Tran’s. As a refugee from war-torn Cambodia, Steven grew up in a world far removed from the comforts many take for granted. His fascination with peanut butter, a novel flavor in his new homeland, inspired him to create a best-selling peanut butter whiskey cocktail at his bar and restaurant. Alongside his wife Brittany, a lawyer and chemist, Steven developed Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, a spirit that celebrates diversity and the unconventional paths that lead to success.

The meeting between Di Tran and Steven Yeng was a moment of mutual admiration and recognition of their shared journey from adversity to prosperity. Di Tran, out of excitement and respect, offered Steven a bottle of his BELIEF bourbon, a symbol of their common belief in the power of hard work and determination. Their encounter was a testament to the fact that, regardless of one’s background, success is attainable through perseverance and a strong belief in one’s dreams.

As they exchanged stories and took pictures, Di Tran and Steven Yeng looked forward to future conversations, each wishing the other continued success. Their meeting serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that the American dream is alive and well, fueled by the belief in oneself and the unwavering spirit to overcome obstacles.

In a world where stories of success often overshadow the struggles behind them, the tales of Di Tran and Steven Yeng stand as beacons of hope, reminding us that from the most challenging circumstances can emerge the most remarkable achievements. Here’s to the dreamers, the believers, and the trailblazers who show us that anything is possible when you hold onto your belief and strive for greatness.

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The Profound Impact of Work Beyond Monetary Value: A Reflection

In today’s fast-paced world, where success is often measured by monetary gains and titles, there emerges a compelling narrative that challenges the status quo. The tale of a 95-year-old attorney in Louisville, KY, who worked with unwavering dedication until his very last breath, exemplifies the idea that work is more than just a means to a paycheck. This perspective is echoed in the writings of Di Tran, author of “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERs” and the soon-to-be-released “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH”, who believes in the philosophy of “work until you drop” because “adding value is to life”.

Recently, Di Tran’s philosophical journey brought them to a quaint coffee shop in Louisville, KY, where they sat down with a small business owner, aged beyond 65. Their discussion unveiled a poignant narrative: the business owner’s father, a dedicated attorney, had passed away at the age of 95. What’s astonishing is not the longevity of his life, but the tenacity with which he approached his vocation. Even in his final moments, the elderly attorney had just closed a court trial, embodying Tran’s belief that one should “work until you drop” because “adding value is to life”.

For many, the very essence of work is closely tethered to monetary gain. However, both Tran and the aforementioned attorney highlight a perspective that is seldom explored. To them, working transcends the boundaries of mere financial benefits. Instead, it becomes a medium of self-satisfaction, a testament to the value and impact one can bring to the world. As Di Tran often emphasizes, work is a contribution to life, an embodiment of the assets one accumulates over a lifetime.

In “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERs”, Tran delves deep into the importance of shifting the focus from oneself to the broader community. By contributing consistently, irrespective of age or societal expectations, one embraces a life that’s rich in experiences and values. This echoes the sentiments of authors like Viktor E. Frankl, who, in his seminal work “Man’s Search for Meaning”, expounded on the profound satisfaction derived from leading a purposeful life.

Retirement, a phase often associated with relaxation and disengagement, is viewed differently by individuals like Di Tran and the 95-year-old attorney. For them, it’s not about stepping back but rather about continuing to forge ahead, driven by passion and purpose. Their narrative challenges the societal norms that often associate age with ineffectiveness.

In conclusion, Di Tran’s rendezvous in Louisville, KY serves as a powerful reminder. Through references from their books and the real-life story of the attorney, we’re prompted to rethink our preconceived notions about work, value, and purpose. In a world that often measures success through tangible assets, Tran’s philosophy encourages us to view work as a never-ending journey of adding value, not just to our lives, but to the broader tapestry of humanity.

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Why Di Tran’s Taste Shifted from Cognac to High-Proof Bourbons: A Scientific Exploration

Di Tran, the acclaimed author of “Drop the ME and focus on the others” and other notable books, had an unexpected encounter with bourbon that forever changed his palate. For someone who spent over 28 years in Louisville, KY—a city that breathes bourbon—it might seem peculiar that Tran avoided the drink for so long. Yet, when he finally did taste bourbon, it was not just any bourbon, but T. George Stagg that won him over. Why did Di Tran switch from Cognac, a common drink among Asians, to barrel-proof bourbons? Let’s dive deep into the scientific nuances behind this transformation.

Cognac vs. Bourbon: Understanding the Basics

To appreciate the change in Di Tran’s preference, it’s vital to understand the fundamental differences between Cognac and bourbon:

  1. Origin & Raw Materials: Cognac is a variety of brandy made in the Cognac region of France, distilled from white wine made of Ugni Blanc grapes. Bourbon, on the other hand, originates from the U.S., and its primary ingredient is corn, with at least 51% of its grain mixture being corn.
  2. Aging Process: Cognac matures in French oak barrels, whereas bourbon often ages in new charred oak barrels, imparting distinct flavor profiles to each spirit.
  3. Taste & Flavor: Cognac usually presents flavors of fruits, nuts, and sometimes floral notes, given its grape origin. Bourbon boasts a more comprehensive range of flavors, from caramel, vanilla, and oak to more intense flavors like spice, leather, and tobacco, often due to the charring of barrels.

The Science Behind the Shift in Preference

  1. Complex Flavor Profile: High-proof bourbons like Weller Antique, Old Forester Single Barrel, and 1792 Full Proof have an intense flavor because of the higher concentration of alcohols and congeners—compounds that give flavor. These bourbons provide a robust and multi-layered tasting experience. It is possible that after years of drinking Cognac, Tran’s palate was seeking complexity, and barrel-proof bourbon provided that depth.
  2. Mouthfeel: The high alcohol content in barrel-proof bourbons leads to an intensified ‘burn’ or ‘tingling’ sensation on the palate, often associated with a richer, more full-bodied experience. This might be appealing to someone looking for a spirit with character and assertiveness.
  3. Chemical Compounds: The various compounds in bourbon, including lignin, lactones, and tannins from the oak, contribute to its unique flavor. These interact differently with our taste buds compared to the compounds in Cognac, providing a distinct tasting experience.
  4. Cultural Influences: Living in Louisville, the heart of bourbon country, there might have been subconscious cultural influences at play. The popularity and reverence of bourbon in the region might have piqued Tran’s interest and predisposition towards it.

Is Di Tran’s Preference for High-Proof Bourbon Uncommon?

Not really. While many people enjoy a wide range of alcohol proofs and flavors, some gravitate towards stronger, high-proof spirits for their boldness and intricate taste profiles. It is akin to someone preferring dark chocolate over milk chocolate due to the intense and pure cocoa experience. The beauty of alcoholic beverages lies in their diversity, and everyone’s palate is unique. What might be overpowering for one might be just right for another.

In conclusion, while Di Tran’s transition from Cognac to high-proof bourbon might seem intriguing, it can be scientifically understood by delving into the complexities of flavor profiles and the chemical interactions of these spirits. His specific preference showcases the vast spectrum of human palates and the joy of discovering and evolving one’s tastes.

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Selma Jacinto Domingos: An Inspiring Story of an Immigrant Small Business Owner Serving the Community in Louisville, KY

Selma Jacinto Domingos is a true inspiration for anyone looking to make it big in the USA. Her story of resilience, persistence, and determination is truly remarkable. As a local family-owned business owner, Founder & CEO of SUN – Selma Unlimited Network, and GHC – Green Health Cleaning Services, Selma has been serving the community of Louisville, KY with great pride and dedication.

Selma’s journey to the USA started with no English background and escaping the political and social-economic situation in her home country, Angola-Africa. Despite facing numerous challenges, Selma overcame all the odds against her and started from zero to become a successful business owner and a certified speaker in the USA. Her life purpose is to inspire and empower each person to create and build a better life for themselves, their children, family, and their community in harmony with integrity, respect, and love by action, self-leadership, and by knowing who they are as a person.

Through her company, Green Health Cleaning Services, Selma educates her clients on the benefits of using Eco-friendly cleaning services to protect their health, family, friends, and co-workers, especially to those who suffer from allergies and have small children or pets. She is also the author of the book “How To Make It Big In The USA – Immigrant Guidebook Series,” where she shares her story of resilience, persistence, and determination to conquer challenges in life and within yourself. She inspires many people, especially immigrants who may find new life here in the USA that are not available in their home countries, on how to navigate and overcome challenges in their lives to achieve their goals.

Selma’s contribution to the Louisville community has been immense. As a board member of the Chamber of Commerce of Jeffersontown and member of the Rotary Club of Louisville, she actively participates in community development initiatives. Her business, SUN – Selma Unlimited Network, is a networking organization that promotes community engagement and helps people build their networks.

Selma’s life purpose is truly inspiring, and her dedication to serving the community through her businesses is an inspiration to all small business owners. Her hard work, determination, resilience, and persistence have paid off, and she is an excellent example of the value that small businesses bring to their communities. Selma Jacinto Domingos is a true asset to the city of Louisville, KY, and we are grateful for her contributions to the community.

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Reflecting on the Meaning of Life: A Visit to Calvary Cemetery

Di Tran had a profound experience at Calvary Cemetery in Louisville, KY, when his Catholic Vietnamese church members gathered last Sunday to perform the 12 stages of the Holy Cross and pray for their loved ones who had passed away. One of those buried in the ground was Di Tran’s grandfather, and during one of the stages where everyone kneeled down and prayed at his grave, Di Tran had a moment of introspection.

Growing up in a mud hut in rural Vietnam, Di Tran spent much of his childhood with his grandfather, who was now lying beneath the earth. It made him question the meaning of life, and he asked himself, “What is the point of it all? We go through a life cycle, and eventually, we end up buried in the ground. People may remember us, but for how long? Eventually, they go back to their busy lives and forget about us.”

As he wrote this article, Di Tran’s eight-year-old son Jayden Tran, the oldest of his three children, asked him, “Which book are you writing?” Di Tran replied, “My second book,” referring to his upcoming book, “Drop the Fear and Focus on the Faith.”

Childhood Education – Teaching Progress

The central theme of the book is that we must face ourselves if we are to find fulfillment and overcome our feelings of emptiness. We all seek completion, but the quick answer is not as simple as just finding God. As a pastor once told Di Tran, “Yes, God is the answer, but you have to find Him within yourself and surrender to the power of the universe. Be thankful and appreciative.”

Di Tran’s experience at Calvary Cemetery reminded him that life is fleeting, and we must cherish the moments we have with our loved ones. It also reminded him that we must be thankful for what we have and seek fulfillment from within ourselves rather than external sources.

Di Tran’s visit to Calvary Cemetery was a powerful reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of introspection. By facing ourselves and finding God within, we can overcome our feelings of emptiness and live a more fulfilled life.

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The Heart of Community: Vietnamese Mothers, Grandmothers, Fathers, and Grandfathers at Saint John Vianney Church

Every Sunday, the Saint John Vianney Church in Louisville, Kentucky, is filled with the aromas of savory and delicious Vietnamese food, as mothers, grandmothers, fathers, and grandfathers come together to prepare and serve hundreds of meals to their community. For over 20 years, this dedicated group of individuals has been raising funds for the church through their weekly meal service, and in doing so, they have become an inspiring example of what it means to live God through action.

Service in Action – Consistently for years

Pastor Anthony Chinh Ngo has been leading the Saint John Vianney Church for many years and has seen firsthand the impact that this weekly meal service has had on the community. He has seen how it has brought people together, bridged cultural divides, and created a sense of belonging and unity that is truly special.

The rotating menu of traditional Vietnamese recipes, featuring Pho and a variety of Vietnamese noodles, is a true celebration of the culinary heritage of this vibrant community. The meals are not only delicious, but they are also affordable, making them accessible to everyone who wants to join in this weekly celebration of community and faith.

For the young generation of today, the dedication and commitment of these mothers, grandmothers, fathers, and grandfathers serves as a powerful example of what it means to live a life that is truly lived for God. Their tireless efforts and the love they put into each and every meal is a testament to the deep roots of their faith, and a source of inspiration to us all.

It is with a call to action that we invite the community to support this incredible group of individuals, and to join them in celebrating the heart of community that they embody. By purchasing a delicious and truly tasteful meal on Sunday after the two Masses at 9am and 11am, we can show our support and gratitude for their ongoing efforts.

In a world that can often feel divided, the Saint John Vianney Church serves as a shining example of what is possible when we come together as a community, and put our faith into action. May their inspiring story serve as a reminder that even the smallest acts of love and service can have a profound impact on those around us.


Dedicated Sister at Saint John Vianney Church: A Shining Example of Service and Compassion

In a world that often seems devoid of positivity and hope, it is truly inspiring to see individuals who dedicate their lives to serving others and spreading the message of love and compassion. One such individual is a sister who has been working tirelessly at Saint John Vianney Church in Louisville, Kentucky, teaching children every Saturday in preparation for their First Communion. This dedicated sister serves as a shining example of what it means to be a servant of God, and her impact on the children she teaches is immeasurable.

Located in the heart of a vibrant 20+ year old Vietnamese immigrant community, Saint John Vianney Church is dedicated to providing spiritual guidance and support to its members. Each week, the sister devotes countless hours to teaching children the important principles of the Catholic faith, preparing them for one of the most significant milestones in their spiritual journey. Her unwavering commitment to these young minds is a testament to her selflessness and her desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Class in Action – Jayden, Skylar and Dylan

First Communion is a critical rite of passage in the life of a Catholic child, and the training provided by the sister ensures that each child is well-prepared for this momentous occasion. Through her lessons and guidance, she helps to instill the values of love, compassion, and selflessness in these young minds, setting them on a path towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. The children leave each Saturday with a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, and a sense of purpose and direction that will serve them well in the years to come.

It is a privilege to have such a dedicated and compassionate sister in our community. Her passion for her faith and her unwavering commitment to serving others is a shining example of what it means to be a true servant of God. Her impact on the lives of the children she teaches is immeasurable, and we are all the better for having her in our community.

As the world continues to face challenges and hardships, it is heartening to know that there are individuals like this sister who remain steadfast in their commitment to spreading love and compassion. Her tireless efforts and dedication to the children she teaches are a source of inspiration to us all, and a reminder that we too can make a positive impact on the world if we simply open our hearts and minds to the possibilities.

The sister at Saint John Vianney Church is a true gift to our community, and we are deeply grateful for her tireless efforts in preparing the children of our community for the sacrament of First Communion. Her passion, dedication, and compassion serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to us all, and we are honored to have her in our community.