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Why Di Tran’s Taste Shifted from Cognac to High-Proof Bourbons: A Scientific Exploration

Di Tran, the acclaimed author of “Drop the ME and focus on the others” and other notable books, had an unexpected encounter with bourbon that forever changed his palate. For someone who spent over 28 years in Louisville, KY—a city that breathes bourbon—it might seem peculiar that Tran avoided the drink for so long. Yet, when he finally did taste bourbon, it was not just any bourbon, but T. George Stagg that won him over. Why did Di Tran switch from Cognac, a common drink among Asians, to barrel-proof bourbons? Let’s dive deep into the scientific nuances behind this transformation.

Cognac vs. Bourbon: Understanding the Basics

To appreciate the change in Di Tran’s preference, it’s vital to understand the fundamental differences between Cognac and bourbon:

  1. Origin & Raw Materials: Cognac is a variety of brandy made in the Cognac region of France, distilled from white wine made of Ugni Blanc grapes. Bourbon, on the other hand, originates from the U.S., and its primary ingredient is corn, with at least 51% of its grain mixture being corn.
  2. Aging Process: Cognac matures in French oak barrels, whereas bourbon often ages in new charred oak barrels, imparting distinct flavor profiles to each spirit.
  3. Taste & Flavor: Cognac usually presents flavors of fruits, nuts, and sometimes floral notes, given its grape origin. Bourbon boasts a more comprehensive range of flavors, from caramel, vanilla, and oak to more intense flavors like spice, leather, and tobacco, often due to the charring of barrels.

The Science Behind the Shift in Preference

  1. Complex Flavor Profile: High-proof bourbons like Weller Antique, Old Forester Single Barrel, and 1792 Full Proof have an intense flavor because of the higher concentration of alcohols and congeners—compounds that give flavor. These bourbons provide a robust and multi-layered tasting experience. It is possible that after years of drinking Cognac, Tran’s palate was seeking complexity, and barrel-proof bourbon provided that depth.
  2. Mouthfeel: The high alcohol content in barrel-proof bourbons leads to an intensified ‘burn’ or ‘tingling’ sensation on the palate, often associated with a richer, more full-bodied experience. This might be appealing to someone looking for a spirit with character and assertiveness.
  3. Chemical Compounds: The various compounds in bourbon, including lignin, lactones, and tannins from the oak, contribute to its unique flavor. These interact differently with our taste buds compared to the compounds in Cognac, providing a distinct tasting experience.
  4. Cultural Influences: Living in Louisville, the heart of bourbon country, there might have been subconscious cultural influences at play. The popularity and reverence of bourbon in the region might have piqued Tran’s interest and predisposition towards it.

Is Di Tran’s Preference for High-Proof Bourbon Uncommon?

Not really. While many people enjoy a wide range of alcohol proofs and flavors, some gravitate towards stronger, high-proof spirits for their boldness and intricate taste profiles. It is akin to someone preferring dark chocolate over milk chocolate due to the intense and pure cocoa experience. The beauty of alcoholic beverages lies in their diversity, and everyone’s palate is unique. What might be overpowering for one might be just right for another.

In conclusion, while Di Tran’s transition from Cognac to high-proof bourbon might seem intriguing, it can be scientifically understood by delving into the complexities of flavor profiles and the chemical interactions of these spirits. His specific preference showcases the vast spectrum of human palates and the joy of discovering and evolving one’s tastes.

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Time Management: Crafting Life According to What Truly Matters

In the intricacies of the modern world, the art of time management emerges not merely as a skill but as the cornerstone of a purposeful life. The tick of the clock is neutral; however, our priorities dictate its value. This sentiment is perfectly embodied by Di Tran, acclaimed author of books such as “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERS.”

For many, success is a nebulous term, a destination that keeps shifting with the tides of time and experience. Yet, for some like Tran, success is intricately woven with personal values, aspirations, and the impact they wish to imprint on the world. Tran’s life exemplifies how, when we understand what is paramount to us, we can masterfully sculpt our hours, minutes, and seconds to resonate with those convictions.

For Tran, two pillars stand tall: his burgeoning series of small businesses and the warm embrace of his family, particularly his young children. His businesses aren’t merely sources of income; they are extensions of his mission to add value to life, to craft something bigger than himself. This isn’t the capitalist drive of incessant growth, but a purpose-driven pursuit, an avenue where work aligns seamlessly with life satisfaction.

Parallelly, his family stands as his sanctuary, a space of unconditional love and grounding amidst the whirlwind of entrepreneurial ventures. The balance between these two pillars might seem daunting, but with keen time management and a clear vision, Tran makes it look effortless.

But life, as Tran shows, isn’t just about work and family. The niches of time that remain are dedicated to his passions. A voracious reader, a devout podcast listener, and an author, Tran believes in the perpetual cycle of learning and imparting. His books are not mere compilations of words but vessels carrying wisdom, experiences, and insights aimed at enriching lives.

Furthermore, Tran’s emphasis on surrounding himself with individuals he can glean knowledge from underscores another dimension of his time management prowess. By consciously choosing to spend time with his ‘passive mentors’, often elders brimming with life’s lessons, Tran showcases an understanding that time’s value is often determined by the quality of interactions and not just the quantity.

In essence, Di Tran’s life is a testament to the transformative power of time management when it’s aligned with one’s core values and priorities. It reminds us that the true essence of time isn’t in its fleeting nature, but in our ability to harness it, channeling it towards what brings meaning, growth, and joy in our lives.

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Di Tran: A Night of Reflection and Inspiration at the Most Admired Woman Awards 2023

Local entrepreneur and author Di Tran attends the prestigious Most Admired Woman event and shares his profound reflections.

LOUISVILLE, KY, June 13, 2023 — Tonight, Mellwood Art Center at 1860 Mellwood Ave was abuzz with excitement and inspiration as it hosted the Most Admired Woman Awards 2023. Among the attendees was Di Tran, the co-founder and CEO of MiaHire USA, Louisville Beauty Academy, Louisville Institute of Technology, and Di Tran Enterprise. An entrepreneur, software developer, IT consultant, and author, Di Tran was deeply touched and honored to be among such an inspiring group of people, especially the women who were being celebrated on the night.

Di Tran’s respect for women, particularly mothers, runs deep and is a recurring theme in his writings. His book, “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs,” sheds light on this admiration and is an homage to his own mother, whom he considers his number one idol. In his book, he eloquently describes the sacrifices, strength, and dedication of mothers and women in general, who contribute so much to their families and communities.

As the night unfolded, Di Tran was taken by the stories of the women who were being honored. These incredible women, many of whom are mothers, juggle multiple responsibilities ranging from family care to running successful businesses, and community leadership. They handle familial obligations, domestic chores, business challenges, personal health, and still manage to lead and inspire. Di Tran observed that their energy seemed inexhaustible and their commitment unwavering.

One of the most striking takeaways from the evening for Di Tran was the role of spirituality in the lives of these amazing women. A recurring theme among the Most Admired Women of 2023 was their unwavering faith in God as a source of strength, guidance, and purpose. They credited their accomplishments to a higher power and showcased a deep sense of humility and gratitude.

Furthermore, the environment at the event was thick with mutual support. These women were not only successful in their own right but were also genuinely supportive of each other’s achievements. They embodied a mindset of rising beyond oneself for the betterment of the community and demonstrated that a “glass has to be full to be shared.”

Di Tran, already an advocate for selflessness and community, found his beliefs resonating strongly with the messages of the night. He left the Mellwood Art Center not only inspired but also reaffirmed in his commitment to focusing on others and contributing positively to society.

The Most Admired Woman Awards 2023 will remain a night of reflection and inspiration for Di Tran and all who were privileged to attend. It highlighted the incredible capacity of women, particularly mothers, to serve as the bedrock of families and communities, and it showcased the potent combination of faith, mutual support, and selfless service as a blueprint for a better world.