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Pressure is a Privilege: Embracing Life’s Challenges with Faith

“Pressure is a privilege.” This phrase, shared by actor Tom Holland on Jay Shetty’s podcast, is more than just a memorable quote. It encapsulates a perspective that has been echoed by many, including Di Tran, the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH.” But what does this truly mean for the world and for us as individuals?

Pressure in the Global Context

In our rapidly evolving global society, change is inevitable, and with it comes pressure. Countries face economic, political, and social pressures that push them to adapt and evolve. Companies feel the pressure to innovate or perish. And in this environment, viewing pressure as a privilege means recognizing that with every challenge comes an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to grow, learn, and advance.

The world’s greatest innovations, reforms, and revolutions have often been born from intense pressure. Diamonds are formed under immense pressure, and similarly, it’s the pressure points in society that can lead to breakthroughs, transformations, and progress.

Pressure on an Individual Level

On a personal level, many of us have felt the weight of expectations, the anxiety of deadlines, or the strain of overcoming personal challenges. While these pressures can be overwhelming, adopting the perspective that ‘pressure is a privilege’ can shift our mindset from avoidance to acceptance and even appreciation.

Why? Because pressure is a testament to our capabilities and potential. It means we’re trusted to handle important tasks, overcome challenges, and bring about change. It signifies that we have a role to play, a purpose to serve, and a journey to embark upon.

Dropping the Fear, Focusing on the Faith

Di Tran’s forthcoming book title, “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH,” is a potent reminder of this philosophy. Fear is often our natural response to pressure. It’s a defense mechanism, alerting us to potential threats. However, if we allow fear to dictate our actions, it can paralyze us, preventing growth and progress.

By focusing on faith, be it in a higher power, in ourselves, or in the process, we shift from a mindset of apprehension to one of optimism. Faith provides the strength and resilience to face pressures head-on, knowing that challenges are opportunities in disguise.


Pressure, in all its forms, isn’t something to be avoided but embraced. Tom Holland’s shared wisdom and Di Tran’s emphasis on faith over fear both point to the transformative power of pressure. By perceiving pressure as a privilege, we not only acknowledge our potential but also empower ourselves to harness challenges as catalysts for growth and transformation. In the dance of life, it’s the pressures we face that shape, mold, and define our character, pushing us to become the best versions of ourselves.

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Nourishing the Mind: The Power of Morning Affirmations

Starting Your Day with a Positive Boost

The dawn of a new day offers a unique opportunity to set the tone for the hours that lie ahead. Just as our bodies require nourishment in the form of breakfast, our minds too need a dose of positive energy to thrive. A simple yet powerful affirmation like, “Thank you God, for I am alive, and I thank you for I am capable. Beyond capable to add value now,” can serve as that essential morning boost.

The First 30 Seconds

The moments immediately after waking are precious. As our consciousness emerges from the restorative realm of sleep, it is especially receptive. A focused 30-second meditation during this time can deeply embed positive thoughts and energies into our psyche.

Imagine this: upon waking, before the distractions of the day set in, you walk towards your bathroom and, in the rhythm of each step, you repeat the aforementioned affirmation ten times. The repetition, the focus, and the deliberate intent to start the day on a positive note set the stage for a day of productivity, positivity, and purpose.

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg, in his influential book “The Power of Habit”, delves deep into the science of why habits exist and how they can be changed. He points out that habits work in a loop: a cue triggers a routine, which then gives a reward. In our morning affirmation scenario, the act of waking up serves as the cue. The routine is the 30-second meditation coupled with the repetition of the affirmation. The reward? A fortified mental state and a positive perspective for the day ahead.

By incorporating this daily affirmation into our morning routine, we are harnessing the power of habit to shape our days and, in the long run, our lives. Over time, this positive reinforcement can reshape our brain’s neural pathways, reinforcing feelings of gratitude, capability, and self-worth.

Drawing References: The Transformative Power of Words

Books like “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear underscore the importance of morning routines and habits in personal transformation. Elrod emphasizes the life-changing impact of dedicating the first hour of your day to personal development, while Clear discusses how tiny changes, like a short morning affirmation, can lead to remarkable results over time.


Starting our day with a focused and positive mindset is like giving our mental state a hearty breakfast. It primes us for success, resilience, and growth. The 30-second affirmation might seem like a small act, but its impact, when compounded over time, can be transformative.

In the words of Lao Tzu, “Watch your habits, for they become your destiny.” By adopting a daily ritual of morning affirmations, we are taking a proactive step towards crafting a destiny filled with gratitude, capability, and value.

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Unlocking Progress: The Power of Desire and Self-Discipline

The path to progress is not just about setting goals; it’s about the mindset and daily habits that transform dreams into realities. Here’s a deep dive into the elements that can guide anyone from aspiration to achievement:

  1. Desire is Required for ProgressDesire is more than just a fleeting wish; it’s the spark that ignites the journey towards a goal. Without a strong desire, it’s easy to lose direction and purpose. It’s this burning passion that fuels persistence, enabling one to overcome challenges and keep moving forward.
  2. “WHY” – Do It for Yourself, Because You Want ItThe reason behind pursuing a goal, the “why”, is the anchor that holds everything together. During challenging times, revisiting this core motivation provides clarity, reignites passion, and reminds one of the bigger picture.
  3. How to Be Excited/Hyped-UpMaintaining excitement and enthusiasm is crucial to sustain momentum. By surrounding oneself with positive influences, celebrating small milestones, and keeping the end goal in sight, one can stay motivated and charged up for the journey ahead.
  4. Self Reinforced DailySuccess is a culmination of daily efforts. Consistency in actions, thoughts, and affirmations lays the groundwork for long-term achievement.
    • Be the Type to Give It All: Wholehearted commitment ensures that every effort is maximized, leaving no room for regrets.
    • Affirm So: Positive affirmations have the power to strengthen beliefs, bolster self-confidence, and shape one’s reality.
  5. Rule = Self RulePersonal rules and guidelines act as the backbone of one’s journey. By setting and adhering to these self-imposed standards, one can stay aligned with their goals and maintain integrity in their actions.
  6. Practice Until It Becomes Second NatureMastery is achieved through relentless practice. By continuously honing one’s skills and pushing the boundaries, actions become instinctual, leading to excellence.

In essence, the journey of progress is a blend of passion, purpose, excitement, discipline, and relentless practice. By embracing these principles, one can navigate the path from aspiration to realization with confidence and grace.

In conclusion, Di Tran’s soon-to-be-released book, “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH,” serves as a poignant reminder that progress and personal growth are often hindered by our internal apprehensions. By shedding the weight of fear and embracing the transformative power of faith, we can unlock a reservoir of potential within ourselves. Tran’s insights encourage readers to shift their perspective, urging them to move beyond the constraints of doubt and step confidently into a realm of belief and possibility. As we turn the pages of life’s challenges, let faith be the compass that guides our journey, illuminating the path to our truest potential.

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GLI and Di Tran: Pioneering Inclusive Growth in Louisville’s Business Landscape

In the business corridors of Louisville, Greater Louisville Inc (GLI) stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity. This Chamber of Commerce, with its unwavering commitment to promoting an inclusive economic ecosystem, has caught the attention of many, including the dynamic Di Tran, president of the New American Business Association Inc.

GLI: Leading by Example

GLI has long been a pillar of support for businesses in Louisville and beyond. Their endeavors range from offering business support services to ensuring fairness in business growth, with a vision always leaning towards inclusivity and fairness. It’s this commitment that has positioned GLI as not just an organization but as a catalyst for change in Kentucky’s business community.

Di Tran: A Synergy of Vision and Passion

Di Tran’s association with GLI is more than just participatory; it’s symbiotic. As a Vietnamese immigrant who faced the challenges of establishing a business in a foreign land, Di recognizes the value of platforms like GLI. Their support for businesses, big and small, and their dedication to fostering growth is what drew Di closer to GLI’s mission.

With a personal story marked by resilience and ambition, Di, who now helms a series of successful Asian-owned businesses, sees GLI’s vision and his personal mission aligning seamlessly. He not only appreciates GLI’s contributions but also collaborates actively with its Education and Workforce Development Committee.

The 10% Advocacy: A Shared Dream

The mutual respect between GLI and Di Tran becomes even more evident in their shared objectives. Di’s advocacy, ensuring a 10% representation of immigrants, especially those grappling with English as a second language, echoes GLI’s broader inclusive goals. It’s not just about representing a minority; it’s about amplifying the voices that often remain unheard.

GLI, with its steadfast commitment to diversity, finds in Di Tran an ally who embodies the very essence of their vision. Together, they’re not just addressing an oversight but pioneering an inclusive economic transformation in Louisville.

Crafting a Collaborative Future

The alliance between Di Tran and GLI underscores the transformative power of collaboration. By bringing to the fore the unique challenges and contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs, they’re paving the way for a Louisville where every business voice, regardless of its origin, is valued.

Elevating GLI’s mission through real-life examples like Di Tran’s journey offers a testament to their overarching goal: a business ecosystem that’s diverse, inclusive, and thriving. With GLI’s visionary approach and Di Tran’s fervent advocacy, Louisville is set on a trajectory of not just economic growth but inclusive prosperity.

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Tapping into the Infinite Power Within: A Historical Glimpse of Self-awareness Literature

Throughout human history, many have sought understanding and mastery over the internal force that defines our existence. From ancient scriptures to contemporary self-help guides, the quest for self-awareness and understanding the intricacies of the mind remains a consistent theme. This omnipotent force, whether termed as God, energy, divine infinity, love, or simply the ‘self’, underscores the importance of recognizing and harnessing the inherent power within us.

1. Ancient Texts

  • The Upanishads (circa 800–500 BCE): These ancient Indian scriptures emphasize the realization of the Self (Atman) and its unity with the universal soul (Brahman). The knowledge and meditation on one’s Atman lead to liberation.
  • The Tao Te Ching by Laozi: An essential text of Taoism, it promotes living in harmony with the Tao (translated as the “Way” or the “Path”). It speaks of an eternal force that is the source of all existence, suggesting that understanding this force is key to understanding oneself.

2. Classical Philosophies

  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: As a Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor, Aurelius penned his reflections on the nature of the self, emphasizing personal virtue and wisdom as the path to true enlightenment.

3. Modern Reflections

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: Tolle delves into the concept of present moment awareness, emphasizing the transformative power of living in the ‘now’. By understanding our thoughts and distancing ourselves from them, we can tap into a deeper sense of self.
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey: Covey discusses the importance of principles and character ethics, laying a foundation for understanding one’s self and one’s motivations.

4. The Science of Mind

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: Hill introduces the idea that our thoughts create our realities. By harnessing the power of the conscious mind, one can influence the subconscious, leading to manifested desires.
  • The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton: This work delves into the science behind our thoughts, asserting that beliefs can change our biology. Lipton suggests that by understanding the power of the subconscious, we can unlock our full potential.

The power within us is evident in these works, spanning cultures and millennia. While each offers a unique perspective on the matter, they all converge on one essential truth: recognizing, accepting, and focusing on this inherent power transforms our lives. Whether you see this force as divine, energetic, or simply as a deeper understanding of the self, it is indisputable that tapping into it provides a pathway to an enriched and enlightened life.

In the end, the journey is about self-realization, and these books and authors have provided signposts along the way. The quest is eternal, yet the power lies ever-present within us, waiting to be discovered.

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“The Power of Positivity”: Health, Happiness, and Prosperity Defined by Harry Edelson

Happiness, an emotion so fervently chased yet seemingly elusive to many, forms the backbone of the human experience. Yet, understanding the dynamics of happiness can be as complex as the emotion itself. Enter Harry Edelson’s groundbreaking book, “The Power of Positivity,” a deep dive into the interconnectedness of happiness, health, intelligence, and wealth. Through his work, Edelson crafts a practical roadmap for a life defined by joy, vitality, and success.

Harry Edelson: A Remarkable Journey to the Top

Before delving into the core concepts of his book, it’s essential to understand the man behind the ideas. Harry Edelson, known for his prowess as an American financial analyst, boasts a professional background that many would envy. He’s been a consultant for an impressive array of multinational corporations, occupied seats on over 125 boards, and strategically invested in more than 150 companies.

But Edelson’s journey to success wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter. Originating from the slums, his ascent was marked by relentless determination, insatiable curiosity, and perhaps most notably, his unwavering positivity. This personal narrative not only adds credibility to his insights but serves as a testament to the power of a positive mindset in overcoming adversity.

Delving into “The Power of Positivity”

The book’s premise revolves around a central question: What does it mean to live a fulfilling life, and how can positivity be the catalyst for such a life? Here’s a breakdown of the essential themes Edelson touches upon:

  • Obstacles to Happiness: Every individual’s journey is peppered with challenges. Understanding what barriers exist, be it internal like self-doubt or external like societal pressures, is the first step in navigating the path to true happiness. Edelson provides tools to identify and overcome these obstacles, making room for a joy-filled life.
  • The Key to Happiness: This section demystifies happiness. Edelson argues that it isn’t found in transient pleasures or material wealth but is cultivated internally. The true path to happiness is intrinsically tied to a positive outlook and a mindset of gratitude.
  • The Placebo Effect – Mind Over Matter: The placebo effect, in medical terms, refers to a patient’s belief in the efficacy of a treatment, leading to improved health outcomes, even if the treatment is inert. Edelson uses this as a metaphor for life. He delves into how the sheer power of belief can be transformative, not just in health, but in every facet of our lives.
  • Becoming Smarter: Intelligence, as Edelson presents, isn’t just about innate capability but can be honed and developed. A positive mindset can reshape neural pathways, enhance cognitive abilities, foster creativity, and bolster problem-solving skills. Through actionable strategies, Edelson guides readers on nurturing and expanding their intellectual horizons.
  • Skills for Wealth: Wealth, in Edelson’s definition, transcends monetary value. It’s about richness in experiences, relationships, and personal growth. He emphasizes the imperative nature of continuous learning, fostering meaningful connections, and adopting a growth mindset. These, combined with financial acumen, pave the way for true prosperity.

The Symbiotic Relationship of Positivity and Health

At the heart of Edelson’s philosophy is the belief that a positive mindset and health are intrinsically linked. Drawing upon scientific studies and personal anecdotes, he presents a compelling case for how optimism influences our body’s biochemistry. A consistent positive outlook can reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone, while boosting serotonin production, often termed the ‘happiness chemical.’ This biochemical balance fosters a robust immune system, diminishes the risk of chronic ailments, and potentially elongates lifespan.

Intelligence and Positivity: A Winning Combination

By championing the idea that positivity enhances intellectual capacities, Edelson challenges the conventional notion that intelligence is static. With a positive perspective, our brain becomes more receptive to information, adaptable in its thinking, and efficient in processing challenges. Thus, positivity isn’t just an emotional asset but a cognitive one as well.

Wealth in a New Light

Edelson’s take on wealth is refreshingly holistic. It’s not just about accumulating financial resources but nurturing personal growth, building lasting relationships, and seeking enriching experiences. By embracing positivity, individuals can align themselves with opportunities, make informed decisions, and ultimately, build a life of abundance in all respects.


Harry Edelson’s “The Power of Positivity” stands as a monumental work in the realm of self-help and personal development literature. It’s not just about adopting a cheerful disposition; it’s about understanding the transformative power of positivity in sculpting a life of health, happiness, intelligence, and wealth. With a blend of scientific insights, practical strategies, and personal experiences, Edelson offers readers a comprehensive guide to a life teeming with potential and fulfillment.

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Time Management: Crafting Life According to What Truly Matters

In the intricacies of the modern world, the art of time management emerges not merely as a skill but as the cornerstone of a purposeful life. The tick of the clock is neutral; however, our priorities dictate its value. This sentiment is perfectly embodied by Di Tran, acclaimed author of books such as “Drop the ME and focus on the OTHERS.”

For many, success is a nebulous term, a destination that keeps shifting with the tides of time and experience. Yet, for some like Tran, success is intricately woven with personal values, aspirations, and the impact they wish to imprint on the world. Tran’s life exemplifies how, when we understand what is paramount to us, we can masterfully sculpt our hours, minutes, and seconds to resonate with those convictions.

For Tran, two pillars stand tall: his burgeoning series of small businesses and the warm embrace of his family, particularly his young children. His businesses aren’t merely sources of income; they are extensions of his mission to add value to life, to craft something bigger than himself. This isn’t the capitalist drive of incessant growth, but a purpose-driven pursuit, an avenue where work aligns seamlessly with life satisfaction.

Parallelly, his family stands as his sanctuary, a space of unconditional love and grounding amidst the whirlwind of entrepreneurial ventures. The balance between these two pillars might seem daunting, but with keen time management and a clear vision, Tran makes it look effortless.

But life, as Tran shows, isn’t just about work and family. The niches of time that remain are dedicated to his passions. A voracious reader, a devout podcast listener, and an author, Tran believes in the perpetual cycle of learning and imparting. His books are not mere compilations of words but vessels carrying wisdom, experiences, and insights aimed at enriching lives.

Furthermore, Tran’s emphasis on surrounding himself with individuals he can glean knowledge from underscores another dimension of his time management prowess. By consciously choosing to spend time with his ‘passive mentors’, often elders brimming with life’s lessons, Tran showcases an understanding that time’s value is often determined by the quality of interactions and not just the quantity.

In essence, Di Tran’s life is a testament to the transformative power of time management when it’s aligned with one’s core values and priorities. It reminds us that the true essence of time isn’t in its fleeting nature, but in our ability to harness it, channeling it towards what brings meaning, growth, and joy in our lives.

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Beshear Family: A Remarkable Legacy of Leadership and Living by Example

The Beshear family is an admirable example of dedication, service, and the power of strong family values. In a proud state like Kentucky, it is a rarity to witness a father and son both serve as governors, making their story even more remarkable. Recently, during Andy Beshear’s campaign for his second term as governor, I had the pleasure of witnessing a heartwarming encounter between Di Tran, a local resident, and Steve Beshear, the former governor of Kentucky and father of Andy Beshear.

As Di Tran eagerly approached Steve Beshear, he extended his hand with a warm smile and asked, “Sir, how did you raise a son like this, with such a beautiful heart and mind?” Steve Beshear, known for his humility and down-to-earth nature, graciously accepted Di Tran’s handshake and replied, “It’s his mom’s work,” accompanied by a smile that spoke volumes.

Di Tran, a devoted family man himself, understands the joys and challenges that come with raising children. He and his wife, Vy Truong, have three sons and are constantly learning and growing as parents. They firmly believe that raising children is both a divine blessing and a significant responsibility that requires their utmost dedication.

The story of the Beshear family serves as an inspiration to all, emphasizing the importance of leading by example. As governors, both Steve and Andy Beshear have demonstrated their commitment to serving the people of Kentucky with integrity, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. They have worked tirelessly to create opportunities, improve education, and enhance the overall well-being of their fellow Kentuckians.

Di Tran and Vy Truong have closely followed the Beshears’ journey, recognizing the significance of their father and son duo in shaping the future of Kentucky. They have long admired the Beshear family’s unwavering dedication to public service and the strong moral compass that guides their actions.

In a wonderful turn of events, Di Tran and Vy Truong had the privilege of meeting both Steve and Andy Beshear during the campaign for Andy’s second term. The meeting was a heartwarming occasion, as Di Tran expressed his deep appreciation for the Beshear family’s values and how they have influenced his own approach to parenting.

Di Tran and Vy Truong firmly believe that the key to raising children who embody kindness, empathy, and intelligence lies in living by example. They understand that their actions and words have a profound impact on their children’s development and future. Witnessing the remarkable journey of the Beshear family has reinforced their belief in the transformative power of leading by example.

As Di Tran and Vy Truong continue their own parenting journey, they draw inspiration from the admirable Beshear family. They strive to instill similar values in their own children, fostering a sense of responsibility, compassion, and commitment to making a difference in their community.

The story of the Beshear family, with their remarkable father and son duo as governors, has left an indelible mark on the proud state of Kentucky. Di Tran and Vy Truong stand as witnesses to the power of living by example and are grateful for the opportunity to meet the duo during Andy Beshear’s campaign for his second term. Their encounter has only deepened their admiration for the Beshear family and reaffirmed their dedication to raising children who will make a positive impact on the world, just like the remarkable father and son serving as governors in the great state of Kentucky.