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Empowering Women in Louisville: A Dedicated Mission Led by Gretchen Hunt and Supported by Di Tran

In Louisville, Kentucky, a compelling initiative is transforming the landscape of gender equity and empowerment, led by the passionate efforts of Gretchen Hunt, the Director of the Office for Women. Gretchen’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the status of women through education, advocacy, and legislation has significantly propelled the cause of gender equality forward. Her advocacy, deeply rooted in a passion for social justice, plays a crucial role in catalyzing positive change within the community.

Gretchen’s influence extends beyond her role at the Office for Women. As a founding member of La Casita Center and a board member of the Governors Scholars Program and Mothers Esquire, she actively contributes to various facets of community development and empowerment. Her academic background, with a bachelor’s and juris doctorate from Boston College, underpins her expertise and dedication to the cause. Outside of her professional pursuits, Gretchen enjoys travel, thrifting, paddleboarding, hiking, and nature, sharing these passions with her husband and two children.

The initiative also gains strength from Di Tran, the force behind the Louisville Beauty Academy and Louisville Beauty Academy at Harbor House. As a Kentucky State-Licensed and State-Accredited Licensing Beauty College, Di’s academy is a testament to the power of dedicated education in empowering individuals, especially women. With over 1,000 graduates, predominantly women, flourishing in their careers or running their own businesses, the academy demonstrates the significant impact of education on women’s empowerment.

The academy serves as a beacon of excellence in beauty education, fostering a community that uplifts a diverse group of students – women of color, immigrants, mothers, entrepreneurs, and caretakers. This mission aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Office for Women, celebrated and supported by Gretchen Hunt’s leadership. Together, they work towards creating a stronger, more inclusive, and supportive environment for all women in Louisville.

This partnership underscores the importance of working together to prevent domestic violence and human trafficking, highlighting the collective effort needed to tackle these critical issues. The shared vision of Gretchen Hunt and Di Tran exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving societal change, emphasizing that when women are provided with equal opportunities and their achievements are recognized, the entire community benefits.

As Louisville leads the way in gender equity, the contributions of Gretchen Hunt and Di Tran serve as an inspiration for cities everywhere. Their combined efforts are a beacon of progress, encouraging us to continue the vital work of empowering women and advancing gender equity for the betterment of our society.

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Louisville Beauty Academy: A Beacon of Inclusivity and Empowerment in Beauty Education

Louisville Beauty Academy has emerged not just as an institution for learning the art of cosmetology but as a bastion of hope for those often sidelined in educational pursuits. The academy stands out as a unique safe haven for underrepresented populations, including immigrants with limited English proficiency, African Americans, Latinos, and others who might find conventional educational settings daunting.

Founded by Di Tran, a visionary who has experienced the struggles of these communities firsthand, the academy is built on a bedrock of compassion and understanding. Embracing the empowering mottos “I AM POSSIBLE” and “I HAVE DONE IT,” the school provides more than just education; it offers a certificate of achievement and a symbol of overcoming adversity.

Di Tran’s personal journey of resilience has shaped the school’s mission to extend beyond mere technical training. He emphasizes to his students and staff that the beauty industry can be a lifeline—a way to build a fulfilling career while serving others. This sentiment was echoed in his conversation with Shawn Conders, a leader from PSI, the national testing agency for various beauty disciplines. Conders, who was also a school owner and held multiple beauty licenses, including that of an instructor and barber, resonated with Tran’s dedication.

Their discussion highlighted the importance of multi-language testing, acknowledging that understanding concepts of safety, sanitation, and disinfection is crucial regardless of one’s first language. This approach not only levels the playing field but also ensures that all graduates can provide services that meet industry standards.

Louisville Beauty Academy’s commitment to inclusivity, especially in offering multi-language support, exemplifies its dedication to its students’ success. Di Tran and Shawn Conders’ shared values and understanding underscore the academy’s role as a place where everyone, regardless of background or language, can learn, thrive, and excel in the beauty industry. With its caring service and inclusive environment, Louisville Beauty Academy continues to champion the message that with support and education, “I AM POSSIBLE” becomes a reality for all its students.

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GLI and Di Tran: Pioneering Inclusive Growth in Louisville’s Business Landscape

In the business corridors of Louisville, Greater Louisville Inc (GLI) stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity. This Chamber of Commerce, with its unwavering commitment to promoting an inclusive economic ecosystem, has caught the attention of many, including the dynamic Di Tran, president of the New American Business Association Inc.

GLI: Leading by Example

GLI has long been a pillar of support for businesses in Louisville and beyond. Their endeavors range from offering business support services to ensuring fairness in business growth, with a vision always leaning towards inclusivity and fairness. It’s this commitment that has positioned GLI as not just an organization but as a catalyst for change in Kentucky’s business community.

Di Tran: A Synergy of Vision and Passion

Di Tran’s association with GLI is more than just participatory; it’s symbiotic. As a Vietnamese immigrant who faced the challenges of establishing a business in a foreign land, Di recognizes the value of platforms like GLI. Their support for businesses, big and small, and their dedication to fostering growth is what drew Di closer to GLI’s mission.

With a personal story marked by resilience and ambition, Di, who now helms a series of successful Asian-owned businesses, sees GLI’s vision and his personal mission aligning seamlessly. He not only appreciates GLI’s contributions but also collaborates actively with its Education and Workforce Development Committee.

The 10% Advocacy: A Shared Dream

The mutual respect between GLI and Di Tran becomes even more evident in their shared objectives. Di’s advocacy, ensuring a 10% representation of immigrants, especially those grappling with English as a second language, echoes GLI’s broader inclusive goals. It’s not just about representing a minority; it’s about amplifying the voices that often remain unheard.

GLI, with its steadfast commitment to diversity, finds in Di Tran an ally who embodies the very essence of their vision. Together, they’re not just addressing an oversight but pioneering an inclusive economic transformation in Louisville.

Crafting a Collaborative Future

The alliance between Di Tran and GLI underscores the transformative power of collaboration. By bringing to the fore the unique challenges and contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs, they’re paving the way for a Louisville where every business voice, regardless of its origin, is valued.

Elevating GLI’s mission through real-life examples like Di Tran’s journey offers a testament to their overarching goal: a business ecosystem that’s diverse, inclusive, and thriving. With GLI’s visionary approach and Di Tran’s fervent advocacy, Louisville is set on a trajectory of not just economic growth but inclusive prosperity.

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Deportation in the US: Causes and Tips for Immigrants – 2023

Deportation is a serious issue facing many immigrants in the United States. While the reasons for deportation can vary, it’s important for immigrants to know their rights and stay informed about changes in immigration laws and policies. Here is a list of common causes for deportation and tips for immigrants to protect themselves:

Causes for Deportation in the US:

  • Entering or staying in the country without proper documentation or authorization
  • Violating the terms of a visa or overstaying a visa
  • Engaging in criminal activity, including non-violent offenses
  • Falsifying or misrepresenting information on an immigration application or during an immigration interview
  • Engaging in activities that threaten national security or public safety
  • Failing to comply with immigration laws, such as failing to attend a required immigration hearing

Tips for Immigrants:

  • Know your rights: all individuals have certain rights under the US Constitution, regardless of their immigration status
  • Stay informed: immigration laws and policies can change quickly, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on any changes that may impact your status
  • Keep documentation: it’s important to keep copies of all important documents, such as visas, passports, and work authorizations, in a safe and accessible place
  • Seek legal advice: if you are facing deportation or other immigration-related issues, it’s important to seek the advice of a qualified immigration lawyer who can help you understand your legal options and rights
  • Know your resources: there are many resources available to help immigrants, including legal aid organizations, community groups, and government programs. It’s important to know what resources are available to you and how to access them.

Immigrants in the US face a variety of challenges, including the risk of deportation. It’s important for immigrants to know their rights and take steps to protect themselves, such as seeking legal advice and staying informed about changes in immigration laws and policies. By doing so, immigrants can better navigate the complex immigration system and ensure their safety and security in the US.

Deportation is a difficult reality that many immigrants face in the United States, and it’s crucial for individuals to know their rights and stay informed about any changes in immigration laws and policies. To address the lack of legal representation for those facing deportation, the Fairness to Freedom Act of 2023 was introduced. The Act establishes the right to legal representation at government expense for anyone facing removal from the United States who is unable to afford it.

This Act is a step towards ensuring that all immigrants have access to legal representation and can receive fair treatment in immigration proceedings. It’s important for individuals to stay informed about the Act’s progress and take action to support it, such as contacting their representatives in Congress to voice their support.

In conclusion, deportation is a complex issue that requires attention and action from individuals and lawmakers alike. By knowing their rights and staying informed about changes in immigration laws and policies, immigrants can better navigate the system and protect themselves. The Fairness to Freedom Act is an important development that can help ensure that all immigrants have access to legal representation, and individuals can play a role in supporting its progress.

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The Top Scams of 2022 and How to Protect Against Them: Insights from the FTC and Ethnic Media Services

Scammers have continued to evolve their tactics, and 2022 saw a rise in the total amount lost by consumers and small businesses. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) partnered with Ethnic Media Services to reveal the top five scams of 2022 and their economic impact, as well as how to spot and protect against them.


According to the FTC, while there was a decrease in the number of fraud reports received in 2022, the total amount lost by consumers and small businesses rose to $8.8 billion, the most ever reported. The top two frauds were imposter fraud and online shopping scams. Consumers reported losing $660 million to business imposters compared to $450 million the year before.

Investor fraud was the most lucrative for scammers, with consumers reporting a loss of almost $3.8 billion, with the majority in cryptocurrency scams. Scammers often entice consumers to invest in cryptocurrency through social media, presenting fake websites that show the consumer’s money growing. Social media was the contact method that had the highest aggregated dollar loss, with $1.2 billion.

The FTC experts also highlighted that scammers are targeting ethnic communities and speaking their language. For example, the Latino community filed a higher percentage of reports relating to problems with banks and lenders, related to debt collection, auto issues, and also business opportunities. Scammers also targeted Latinos with bogus business opportunities and work-at-home schemes. In contrast, the black community reported the largest number of reports about payday loan applications and student debt relief programs.


To help people spot and avoid scams, the FTC provides information in a dozen languages, including Amharic, Arabic, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), French, Hmong, Korean, Russian, Somali, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian. The FTC’s downloadable publication, Spotting, Avoiding and Reporting Scams: A Fraud Handbook for recent refugees and immigrants, helps people learn to spot some of the scams related to looking for a job, going through the immigration process, or just trying to figure out how things work in the US. There are also graphics in each language at the bottom of each page to share on social media, helping people in various communities know how to spot, avoid, and report fraud.

In conclusion, while the number of fraud reports decreased in 2022, scammers continue to evolve their tactics, with investor fraud and cryptocurrency scams being the most lucrative. The FTC recommends being aware of scams and provides resources in multiple languages to help people spot, avoid, and report fraud.