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A Tale of Resilience and Belief: Di Tran’s BELIEF Bourbon and Steven Yeng’s Skrewball Whiskey

In the heart of Louisville, KY, a remarkable meeting took place at Liquor Barn between two extraordinary individuals, Di Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant and proud American, and Steven Yeng, a refugee from Cambodia. Both men, hailing from humble beginnings, have carved out successful paths in the world of entrepreneurship and spirits, showcasing the power of resilience, belief, and the American dream.

Di Tran, a man of many talents, is not only a nurse, licensed nail technician, and computer engineer but also a serial entrepreneur. With a journey that began in dirt-poor Vietnam, Di and his family sought refuge in the United States, where they worked tirelessly to build a better life. Di’s relentless drive and passion for education led him to establish multiple businesses, including the Louisville Beauty Academy and a chain of nail salons, before venturing into the world of bourbon with his exclusive BELIEF collectible bourbon.

On the other side, Steven Yeng’s story mirrors that of Di Tran’s. As a refugee from war-torn Cambodia, Steven grew up in a world far removed from the comforts many take for granted. His fascination with peanut butter, a novel flavor in his new homeland, inspired him to create a best-selling peanut butter whiskey cocktail at his bar and restaurant. Alongside his wife Brittany, a lawyer and chemist, Steven developed Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, a spirit that celebrates diversity and the unconventional paths that lead to success.

The meeting between Di Tran and Steven Yeng was a moment of mutual admiration and recognition of their shared journey from adversity to prosperity. Di Tran, out of excitement and respect, offered Steven a bottle of his BELIEF bourbon, a symbol of their common belief in the power of hard work and determination. Their encounter was a testament to the fact that, regardless of one’s background, success is attainable through perseverance and a strong belief in one’s dreams.

As they exchanged stories and took pictures, Di Tran and Steven Yeng looked forward to future conversations, each wishing the other continued success. Their meeting serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that the American dream is alive and well, fueled by the belief in oneself and the unwavering spirit to overcome obstacles.

In a world where stories of success often overshadow the struggles behind them, the tales of Di Tran and Steven Yeng stand as beacons of hope, reminding us that from the most challenging circumstances can emerge the most remarkable achievements. Here’s to the dreamers, the believers, and the trailblazers who show us that anything is possible when you hold onto your belief and strive for greatness.


Unleashing the Infinite Power of Belief: A Journey to Purpose and Fulfillment

In a world often clouded by doubt and uncertainty, Di Tran’s latest book, “BELIEF: Unleashing the Infinite Power of Belief – A Journey to Purpose and Fulfillment,” emerges as a beacon of inspiration and guidance. This compelling work is not just a book; it’s an odyssey that takes readers through the transformative power of belief, showcasing how it shapes our reality, influences our decisions, and drives our actions.

Di Tran, a visionary entrepreneur, dedicated educator, and inspiring mentor, shares his remarkable journey from Vietnam to the United States, embodying the power of belief and determination. Through a blend of personal anecdotes, practical advice, and philosophical insights, “BELIEF” offers readers a comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of belief for personal growth and success.

The book delves into the multifaceted nature of belief, exploring topics such as overcoming doubt and fear, embracing unique purposes, and navigating life’s changes. Each chapter provides valuable insights into different aspects of belief, empowering readers to unlock their full potential and lead a life of purpose and fulfillment.

One of the key messages of “BELIEF” is the importance of understanding belief as a fundamental force in life. Di Tran illustrates how belief is not just a passive state of mind but an active force that shapes our reality. He shares personal experiences of how belief propelled him forward, even when faced with challenges and uncertainties.

The book also emphasizes the role of autonomy and freedom of thought in cultivating a strong belief system. Di Tran encourages readers to think independently, make their own choices, and live authentically according to their values and beliefs. He shares strategies for navigating the balance between belief and autonomy, ensuring that beliefs are genuinely held and serve the individual’s best interests.

“BELIEF” is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. It is a testament to the power of belief in overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s dreams. Di Tran’s story and insights inspire readers to embrace their beliefs and allow them to guide their lives.

In conclusion, “BELIEF: Unleashing the Infinite Power of Belief – A Journey to Purpose and Fulfillment” is a must-read for anyone seeking guidance in their personal journey, inspiration in their professional endeavors, or simply exploring the depths of human potential. Di Tran’s book provides a perspective that is both enlightening and empowering, offering a roadmap to a life of purpose and fulfillment through the power of belief.

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Kentucky Pharmacy LLC: A New Era of Expertise and Passion in Pharmacy Care

Louisville, Kentucky — In a significant addition to the local healthcare landscape, Kentucky Pharmacy LLC proudly announces its coming soon grand opening. At the helm of this innovative venture is the experienced and passionate pharmacist, Vy Truong. Her exceptional skills and dedication are setting a new standard in pharmacy care, reaching out to every member of the community.

A Pharmacist with a Mission

Vy Truong’s journey in pharmacy is marked by an unwavering passion for her profession. With years of experience, Vy brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of pharmaceutical care. Her expertise extends beyond dispensing medication; it involves a commitment to providing comprehensive health solutions tailored to individual needs.

Comprehensive Care for All

At Kentucky Pharmacy LLC, the focus is on holistic healthcare. Recognizing the diverse needs of our community, the pharmacy is committed to serving everyone – families, professionals, seniors, and young adults. Vy’s approach combines the latest in pharmaceutical advancements with traditional values of care and attention, ensuring that each client receives the best possible service.

Personalized Attention: The Core of Our Service

Vy and her team at Kentucky Pharmacy LLC believe in the power of personalized care. Each client is treated with the utmost respect and consideration, with services tailored to their unique health requirements. This personalized approach is not just a business model; it’s a reflection of Vy’s passion for making a positive impact in the lives of her clients.

A Modern Pharmacy with Traditional Values

Kentucky Pharmacy LLC is more than just a place for medications; it’s a resource for health and wellness. Vy’s extensive experience in pharmacy has shaped a service that blends modern healthcare with the traditional values of empathy, respect, and personalized attention.

Join Our Health Journey

We invite you to experience the difference at Kentucky Pharmacy LLC. Whether managing a chronic condition, seeking wellness advice, or in need of a reliable healthcare partner, Vy and her team are here to assist. Join us in celebrating this new chapter in healthcare, where expertise, passion, and personalized care come together to serve every individual in our community.

Welcome to Kentucky Pharmacy LLC – where your health is our passion.

New Addition: Pet Medication Services

In our commitment to cater to the entire family’s healthcare needs, Kentucky Pharmacy LLC is delighted to introduce a new service: Pet Medication. Recognizing that pets are integral members of many families, we now offer specialized medication services for your furry companions. From prescriptions to wellness supplements, our experienced team, led by Vy Truong, is here to provide the same level of care and expertise for your pets as we do for our human clients. This new service underscores our dedication to being a comprehensive healthcare resource for every member of your family.

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The Heartbeat of Collaboration: How Two CEOs, One from Vietnam’s Mud Huts, Are Making a Difference in Louisville

By Viet Bao Louisville, KY

In the bustling city of Louisville, two organizations have come together, forging a bond that reflects compassion, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of community. It’s the collaboration between Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy that we shine a spotlight on today, and at its core lies the shared vision of two CEOs with big hearts.

From Vietnam’s Mud Huts to Louisville’s Business Landscape

Among the two visionaries leading this collaboration is Di Tran, CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy. His story is not just of business success, but of triumph over adversity, determination, and profound empathy. Born in the rural, mud-hut landscapes of Vietnam, Di Tran has journeyed from the simplicity and hardships of a third-world environment to becoming a pillar of Louisville’s entrepreneurial community.

His roots, steeped in the humbling experiences of Vietnam’s countryside, have instilled in him a deep-seated compassion. Di Tran’s understanding of life’s struggles, paired with his firsthand experience of the challenges faced by immigrants, gives him a unique perspective, allowing him to empathize with all walks of life. This empathy is palpably evident in the work he does, especially in the collaboration with Harbor House of Louisville, an organization serving the underrepresented.

Though the photo is illustrative and not of Di Tran's actual childhood home, it closely mirrors the humble and scenic conditions he once knew. Reflect on this as you appreciate the profound journey and impact he has made in Louisville

A Collaboration Rooted in Love and Care

The partnership between Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy goes beyond traditional business objectives. It’s a union founded on the shared values of love, care, and community upliftment. Both organizations are dedicated to serving those often left on society’s margins, and together, they’re crafting a narrative of inclusivity and hope.

Maria Smith, the dynamic CEO of Harbor House, matches Di Tran’s enthusiasm and commitment. Their combined leadership brings out a synergy that is setting an example for businesses everywhere. It’s a testament to the idea that when businesses operate with heart and genuine intent, they can bring about transformative change.

Empowering the Underrepresented

The central theme of this collaboration is empowerment. While Louisville Beauty Academy offers beauty services, it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about boosting confidence, fostering community, and creating an environment where everyone feels valued. On the other hand, Harbor House stands as a haven for adults with disabilities, children, and elders, further emphasizing the shared mission of these two organizations.

In Conclusion

The collaboration between Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy, led by two big-hearted CEOs, is a beacon of hope in today’s business world. Di Tran, with his roots in Vietnam’s mud huts and his boundless empathy, stands as an inspiration, proving that with determination, love, and care, we can touch lives and create lasting impact.


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The Power of Perspectives: Di Tran Reflects on Major General Donn H. Hill’s Insights

The journey of Major General Donn H. Hill through the ranks of the U.S. Army is not just an individual story but is emblematic of the values and principles that have shaped the nation’s defense forces. As Hill has risen through the ranks, his experience and leadership have resonated with many, including Di Tran, an esteemed small business owner and accomplished author of books like “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs.”

For Di Tran, a proud American and Vietnamese immigrant, the honor of being in the presence of Major General Hill was a profound experience. Tran, with his unique perspective, found himself resonating deeply with two significant points from Hill’s speech:

  1. The global perspective on the USA is one of admiration. People from various corners of the world often possess a profound reverence for the United States and are sometimes more willing to champion its cause than some of its own citizens. This is a sentiment that Tran, as an immigrant, understands intimately. Having witnessed the promise of the American dream firsthand, Tran’s journey to the U.S. and his subsequent success are testament to the opportunities the country offers.
  2. Trust, as emphasized by Major General Hill, remains paramount. The U.S. Army stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, often paralleled only by small businesses in terms of institutional trustworthiness. For Tran, this trust is not merely a word but a principle that has guided his business ethics and practices.

Tran’s deep love for the United States and his commitment to serving it to the best of his ability was only further solidified after attending the general’s speech. Sharing the room with active and retired generals was not just a moment of honor but a reminder of the great responsibilities and privileges that come with being an American.

In many ways, the stories of Major General Donn H. Hill and Di Tran converge in their shared love for their nation. Both individuals, in their respective fields, exemplify the ideals of service, trust, and dedication. And as Tran continues to serve both his customers and his country, he carries with him the wisdom and insights imparted by leaders like Major General Hill.

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GLI and Di Tran: Pioneering Inclusive Growth in Louisville’s Business Landscape

In the business corridors of Louisville, Greater Louisville Inc (GLI) stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity. This Chamber of Commerce, with its unwavering commitment to promoting an inclusive economic ecosystem, has caught the attention of many, including the dynamic Di Tran, president of the New American Business Association Inc.

GLI: Leading by Example

GLI has long been a pillar of support for businesses in Louisville and beyond. Their endeavors range from offering business support services to ensuring fairness in business growth, with a vision always leaning towards inclusivity and fairness. It’s this commitment that has positioned GLI as not just an organization but as a catalyst for change in Kentucky’s business community.

Di Tran: A Synergy of Vision and Passion

Di Tran’s association with GLI is more than just participatory; it’s symbiotic. As a Vietnamese immigrant who faced the challenges of establishing a business in a foreign land, Di recognizes the value of platforms like GLI. Their support for businesses, big and small, and their dedication to fostering growth is what drew Di closer to GLI’s mission.

With a personal story marked by resilience and ambition, Di, who now helms a series of successful Asian-owned businesses, sees GLI’s vision and his personal mission aligning seamlessly. He not only appreciates GLI’s contributions but also collaborates actively with its Education and Workforce Development Committee.

The 10% Advocacy: A Shared Dream

The mutual respect between GLI and Di Tran becomes even more evident in their shared objectives. Di’s advocacy, ensuring a 10% representation of immigrants, especially those grappling with English as a second language, echoes GLI’s broader inclusive goals. It’s not just about representing a minority; it’s about amplifying the voices that often remain unheard.

GLI, with its steadfast commitment to diversity, finds in Di Tran an ally who embodies the very essence of their vision. Together, they’re not just addressing an oversight but pioneering an inclusive economic transformation in Louisville.

Crafting a Collaborative Future

The alliance between Di Tran and GLI underscores the transformative power of collaboration. By bringing to the fore the unique challenges and contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs, they’re paving the way for a Louisville where every business voice, regardless of its origin, is valued.

Elevating GLI’s mission through real-life examples like Di Tran’s journey offers a testament to their overarching goal: a business ecosystem that’s diverse, inclusive, and thriving. With GLI’s visionary approach and Di Tran’s fervent advocacy, Louisville is set on a trajectory of not just economic growth but inclusive prosperity.

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The American Dream: From Lao to Louisville, a Father-Daughter Tale of Hard Work and Inspiration

In the heart of America, the story of Ti Lin Khounkham and his daughter Lily Lin offers a vivid illustration of perseverance, hope, and the indefatigable American spirit. Originally hailing from Lao, the Khounkham family epitomizes the essence of the American Dream, embodying the ideals of hard work and determination.

As the morning sun peeks over Louisville, Kentucky, the city witnesses an endearing tableau: a young 16-year-old, Lily, giving her hardworking father, Ti Lin, a pedicure. It’s not just any pedicure; it’s one she has honed and refined as a student at the renowned Louisville Beauty Academy. Founded by Di Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant and a beacon of the American spirit, this academy stands as a symbol of accessibility, affordability, and most importantly, dreams achieved. Serving the underserved, the academy has proudly graduated over a thousand students, each with a unique story of resilience.

Lily is no ordinary teenager. With her accelerated studies, she graduated high school early, showcasing an unparalleled drive. As she preps for college, she has her eyes set on acquiring her nail technology license from the Louisville Beauty Academy. For Lily, this license is more than just a certificate; it’s a ticket to independence, allowing her to earn a significant income through college and beyond. She mirrors the journey of Di Tran, the founder of her school. A proud American and an immigrant, Di Tran, with his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD (ABD) in computer engineering, used his nail license as a stepping stone to support his education. Today, he juggles the roles of an active nail technician, salon owner, and an educator with aplomb.

Parallelly, Ti Lin Khounkham stands as a testament to the art of craftsmanship. As a skilled construction worker, he remodels homes, pouring his dedication and expertise into every project.

The synergy between father and daughter is palpable. Ti Lin’s grit and hard work, combined with Lily’s passion and determination, make for an inspiring duo. Their journey, from Lao to Louisville, is not just their own; it’s a tale that resonates with every immigrant, every hardworking individual aiming for a better life.

In the words of Di Tran, witnessing such profound moments of love and ambition, “Can this be more beautiful?” Indeed, America thrives on these stories. As the Khounkham family continues their journey, they remind us that dreams, when chased with unwavering spirit, do come true.

God blesses their path and the countless others who tread similarly, reminding us of the boundless possibilities that await in the land of the free.

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Immigrant entrepreneur Di Tran’s Triumvirate: Louisville Beauty Academy, Louisville Institute of Technology, and MiaHire USA

LOUISVILLE, KY – Amidst the buzz of the recent job fair hosted by Kentucky Performing Arts in downtown Louisville, a shining example of immigrant success and contribution to the local economy and talent pool stood out – Di Tran.

Originating from Vietnam, Di Tran has become an entrepreneurial powerhouse in Louisville. His dedication to education and talent development is evident through his ownership and operation of three influential entities – the Louisville Beauty Academy, Louisville Institute Technology, and MiaHire USA.

Louisville Beauty Academy

Founded by Di Tran, Louisville Beauty Academy has become a cornerstone for aspiring beauty professionals in Kentucky. The academy offers state-licensed programs in cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, blow-drying, eyelash extensions, and beauty instruction. With a track record of graduating over 1,000 students, Louisville Beauty Academy is not just shaping careers but also adding qualified professionals to the local economy. The academy’s graduates are known for their high levels of competence and professionalism, often contributing to the local beauty industry.

Louisville Institute of Technology

Seeing the need for quality IT education, Di Tran launched the Louisville Institute of Technology. The institute offers a three-month true work-ready apprenticeship and a two-year IT associate degree, arming students with the skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape. By focusing on practical training and hands-on experience, the institute ensures that its graduates are not only academically qualified but also ready to take on real-world challenges.

MiaHire USA

To further streamline the hiring process and provide tools for training new talent, Di Tran also created MiaHire USA. This SaaS virtual hiring and interview platform is designed for employers of all sizes and helps to increase the efficiency of the hiring process by an impressive 85%. It not only facilitates seamless recruitment but also provides tools for training new talent, making it an invaluable resource for both employers and job seekers.

Appreciation and Participation in the Talent and Job Fair

Di Tran expressed his gratitude for being part of the recent talent and job fair hosted by Kentucky Performing Arts. His participation in this event underlined his commitment to nurturing talent and contributing to the revitalization of Louisville’s downtown area. Through his endeavors, Tran embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrates the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on the local community and economy.

By building bridges between education, talent development, and employment, Di Tran’s contributions stand as a testament to the endless possibilities that can be achieved through determination, innovation, and a genuine passion for community development.

Di Tran’s story is an inspiration to both immigrants and native citizens alike, exemplifying the essence of the American dream through hard work, ingenuity, and community engagement.


Celebrating 50 Years of Dedicated Service: Sister Ngoc Dung’s Golden Jubilee in Louisville, Kentucky

Today, on February 12th, 2023, the Catholic community of Saint John Vianney in Louisville, Kentucky gathered to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Sister Ngoc Dung, a Vietnamese immigrant who has dedicated 50 years of her life to serving God as a nun in the Catholic Church. The celebration Mass, held at St Gregory Catholic Church, was presided over by Archbishop Shelton J. Fabre and was a joyous and meaningful occasion for Sister Ngoc Dung and all who have been touched by her ministry and life.

St Gregory Catholic Church

Sister Ngoc Dung, also known as Sơ Ngọc Dung in Vietnamese, has been a beloved member of the Catholic community in Louisville for many years. Her dedication and commitment to serving others has earned her the respect and admiration of all who know her. Over the past 50 years, she has touched the lives of countless individuals through her ministry and has been a source of inspiration and guidance to those around her.

The celebration Mass was attended by family and friends from the Vietnamese community of Louisville, as well as members of the Catholic Church of Saint John Vianney. The Mass was a beautiful and meaningful celebration of Sister Ngoc Dung’s 50 years of service to God, and was a testament to the impact that her life has had on so many others.

During the Mass, Archbishop Shelton J. Fabre offered a homily in which he spoke about the significance of Sister Ngoc Dung’s Golden Jubilee and the importance of dedicating one’s life to serving God and others. He praised Sister Ngoc Dung for her unwavering faith and her commitment to her vocation, and he thanked her for all that she has done for the Catholic community in Louisville.

After the Mass, a reception was held in honor of Sister Ngoc Dung, where friends, family, and members of the community gathered to offer their congratulations and well wishes. The atmosphere was one of joy and celebration, as everyone came together to honor this remarkable woman and to celebrate the impact that her life has had on so many others.

The Golden Jubilee celebration of Sister Ngoc Dung was a truly special and meaningful occasion. Her 50 years of dedicated service to God and her commitment to her vocation have earned her the respect and admiration of all who know her, and today’s celebration was a fitting tribute to her life and her ministry. The Catholic community of Louisville is grateful to have Sister Ngoc Dung as a part of their lives, and they wish her many more years of happiness, health, and blessings.

Drop the FEAR and Focus on FAITH

In conclusion, Sister Ngoc Dung’s Golden Jubilee celebration serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that one person’s unwavering faith and commitment can have on the lives of so many others. Her 50 years of dedicated service to God and her community is a testament to the transformative power of dropping fear and focusing on faith. Sister Ngoc Dung’s story is an inspiration to all of us, reminding us that by embracing faith and living with purpose, we too can make a difference in the world.

Her journey, as reflected in Di Tran’s book “Drop the FEAR and Focus on FAITH,” shows us that by letting go of fear and embracing faith, we can overcome life’s challenges and fulfill our calling. Sister Ngoc Dung’s life serves as a shining example of how to live a life filled with meaning and purpose, and her Golden Jubilee is a time for us all to celebrate her achievements and to be inspired by her unwavering faith and dedication.

As Sister Ngoc Dung continues to live out her faith and serve her community, may we all be inspired by her example and find the courage to drop our fears and focus on our own faith, so that we too can make a positive impact on the world around us.

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From Immigrant to Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Story of Anthony Pham, Owner of Dalat’s Gateaux and Cafe

Anthony Pham is a Vietnamese immigrant who came to the United States in search of a better life. Just like many other Vietnamese Americans, he escaped the country by boat in the 1980s and settled in California with his uncle. He worked hard to make a life for himself and his family and was determined to obtain a higher education.

Pham is not only a successful engineer, but he is also a loving husband and father. He has two twin daughters who are high-achievers and have followed in his footsteps of hard work and dedication. When he heard that the previous owner of Dalat’s Gateaux and Cafe – Banh Mi, Boba Teas, located at 6915 Southside Dr, Louisville, KY 40214 was retiring and closing the business, he saw an opportunity to provide a place for his daughters to work and gain experience while they attend college. He also wanted to provide a gathering place for students at the University of Louisville.

Family Business

Pham’s goal is to turn his business into an empire, just like other successful chain restaurants like Qdoba and Panera Bread. He is focused on the 4Ps – product, price, promotion, and place – and is building a protocol and standardized process to ensure the success of his business. His passion for providing delicious and fresh food, combined with his business savvy, is sure to make Dalat’s Gateaux and Cafe a success for many years to come.

Anthony Pham is a true inspiration to us all, especially to the Vietnamese immigrant community. He has worked hard to build a better life for himself and his family and is now giving back to the community by providing a place for students to gather and his daughters to work and gain experience. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and know that he will succeed in turning his business into an empire. If you’re in the Louisville area, be sure to stop by Dalat’s Gateaux and Cafe at 6915 Southside Dr, Louisville, KY 40214 and try some of their delicious banh mi and boba teas.