From Fear to Love: Understanding Anti-Asian Sentiments in America

The United States, a nation built on diversity and the melding of cultures, has seen its share of struggles when it comes to racial and ethnic acceptance. One group that has faced persistent prejudice throughout American history is the Asian community. From economic rivalries to wartime propaganda, the roots of anti-Asian sentiment are deep and multifaceted. However, in facing this challenging landscape, Vietnamese American Di Tran stands as a beacon of hope, leading with love to bridge divides and mend broken perceptions.

Historical Roots of Anti-Asian Bias

The foundation of anti-Asian prejudice can be traced back to the mid-19th century. The influx of Chinese laborers, who contributed significantly to projects like the transcontinental railroad, often found themselves as targets due to economic competition. Such tensions culminated in tragic events, like the 1871 Chinese Massacre in Los Angeles.

Legislation further cemented this prejudice. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was an overt institutionalization of xenophobia, barring Chinese immigrants from American shores solely based on their ethnicity.

Wartime only intensified these prejudices. During World War II, over 120,000 Japanese Americans were interned due to unfounded fears of espionage, with two-thirds being U.S.-born citizens. The Cold War era also saw Chinese Americans painted with broad brushes of suspicion.

The narrative continued in the 1980s, with Japan’s economic ascent leading to anti-Japanese sentiments. The murder of Vincent Chin in 1982 is a chilling testament to these sentiments. In the aftermath of 9/11, South Asians bore the brunt of misdirected anger, underscoring the broad and often undiscriminating nature of such prejudices.

Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to the flames of anti-Asian bias, with unfounded blame placed squarely on Asian communities for the global health crisis.

Fear: The Underlying Culprit

Beneath the façade of these biases lies a singular, powerful emotion: fear. Whether it’s fear of the unknown, economic displacement, or perceived threats, these anxieties manifest as hatred and prejudice. It’s this very emotion that Di Tran, and many like him, aim to combat.

Di Tran: Leading with Love

Vietnamese American Di Tran embodies the spirit of understanding and empathy. While Vietnamese, and Asians more broadly, are often stereotypically viewed as hardworking — a testament to their resilience and determination — Di Tran focuses on another strength: the power of love. Love, he believes, is the antidote to fear.

Understanding the struggles his community faces, Di Tran approaches the challenge with love and empathy. His perspective is simple yet profound: love can mend misunderstandings, build bridges, and foster unity. It’s a remedy to the program of fear that underpins hatred.

In Conclusion

In a climate rife with division, figures like Di Tran serve as reminders of the transformative power of love. Addressing deep-seated biases requires more than just awareness; it necessitates a change in heart. As Di Tran exemplifies, leading with love could very well be the key to a united, understanding, and harmonious future.

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The Heartbeat of Collaboration: How Two CEOs, One from Vietnam’s Mud Huts, Are Making a Difference in Louisville

By Viet Bao Louisville, KY

In the bustling city of Louisville, two organizations have come together, forging a bond that reflects compassion, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of community. It’s the collaboration between Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy that we shine a spotlight on today, and at its core lies the shared vision of two CEOs with big hearts.

From Vietnam’s Mud Huts to Louisville’s Business Landscape

Among the two visionaries leading this collaboration is Di Tran, CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy. His story is not just of business success, but of triumph over adversity, determination, and profound empathy. Born in the rural, mud-hut landscapes of Vietnam, Di Tran has journeyed from the simplicity and hardships of a third-world environment to becoming a pillar of Louisville’s entrepreneurial community.

His roots, steeped in the humbling experiences of Vietnam’s countryside, have instilled in him a deep-seated compassion. Di Tran’s understanding of life’s struggles, paired with his firsthand experience of the challenges faced by immigrants, gives him a unique perspective, allowing him to empathize with all walks of life. This empathy is palpably evident in the work he does, especially in the collaboration with Harbor House of Louisville, an organization serving the underrepresented.

Though the photo is illustrative and not of Di Tran's actual childhood home, it closely mirrors the humble and scenic conditions he once knew. Reflect on this as you appreciate the profound journey and impact he has made in Louisville

A Collaboration Rooted in Love and Care

The partnership between Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy goes beyond traditional business objectives. It’s a union founded on the shared values of love, care, and community upliftment. Both organizations are dedicated to serving those often left on society’s margins, and together, they’re crafting a narrative of inclusivity and hope.

Maria Smith, the dynamic CEO of Harbor House, matches Di Tran’s enthusiasm and commitment. Their combined leadership brings out a synergy that is setting an example for businesses everywhere. It’s a testament to the idea that when businesses operate with heart and genuine intent, they can bring about transformative change.

Empowering the Underrepresented

The central theme of this collaboration is empowerment. While Louisville Beauty Academy offers beauty services, it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about boosting confidence, fostering community, and creating an environment where everyone feels valued. On the other hand, Harbor House stands as a haven for adults with disabilities, children, and elders, further emphasizing the shared mission of these two organizations.

In Conclusion

The collaboration between Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy, led by two big-hearted CEOs, is a beacon of hope in today’s business world. Di Tran, with his roots in Vietnam’s mud huts and his boundless empathy, stands as an inspiration, proving that with determination, love, and care, we can touch lives and create lasting impact.


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The American Dream: From Lao to Louisville, a Father-Daughter Tale of Hard Work and Inspiration

In the heart of America, the story of Ti Lin Khounkham and his daughter Lily Lin offers a vivid illustration of perseverance, hope, and the indefatigable American spirit. Originally hailing from Lao, the Khounkham family epitomizes the essence of the American Dream, embodying the ideals of hard work and determination.

As the morning sun peeks over Louisville, Kentucky, the city witnesses an endearing tableau: a young 16-year-old, Lily, giving her hardworking father, Ti Lin, a pedicure. It’s not just any pedicure; it’s one she has honed and refined as a student at the renowned Louisville Beauty Academy. Founded by Di Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant and a beacon of the American spirit, this academy stands as a symbol of accessibility, affordability, and most importantly, dreams achieved. Serving the underserved, the academy has proudly graduated over a thousand students, each with a unique story of resilience.

Lily is no ordinary teenager. With her accelerated studies, she graduated high school early, showcasing an unparalleled drive. As she preps for college, she has her eyes set on acquiring her nail technology license from the Louisville Beauty Academy. For Lily, this license is more than just a certificate; it’s a ticket to independence, allowing her to earn a significant income through college and beyond. She mirrors the journey of Di Tran, the founder of her school. A proud American and an immigrant, Di Tran, with his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD (ABD) in computer engineering, used his nail license as a stepping stone to support his education. Today, he juggles the roles of an active nail technician, salon owner, and an educator with aplomb.

Parallelly, Ti Lin Khounkham stands as a testament to the art of craftsmanship. As a skilled construction worker, he remodels homes, pouring his dedication and expertise into every project.

The synergy between father and daughter is palpable. Ti Lin’s grit and hard work, combined with Lily’s passion and determination, make for an inspiring duo. Their journey, from Lao to Louisville, is not just their own; it’s a tale that resonates with every immigrant, every hardworking individual aiming for a better life.

In the words of Di Tran, witnessing such profound moments of love and ambition, “Can this be more beautiful?” Indeed, America thrives on these stories. As the Khounkham family continues their journey, they remind us that dreams, when chased with unwavering spirit, do come true.

God blesses their path and the countless others who tread similarly, reminding us of the boundless possibilities that await in the land of the free.

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From Vietnam and North Korea to the Land of Opportunity: The Stories of Di Tran and Dr. Kwang H Suh

In the vast tapestry of human existence, it is often the poignant tales of resilience and hope that stand out. Stories of individuals who’ve faced unimaginable hardships, only to emerge stronger and wiser, are the ones that truly resonate with our collective consciousness. Today, we bring you the tale of two such individuals, Di Tran and Dr. Kwang H Suh, whose journeys from Vietnam and North Korea respectively, converge in the land of dreams and opportunities – the United States of America.

Di Tran’s journey began in the humble confines of a mud hut in Vietnam. A life that many would find challenging, but for Di, it was the foundation on which his resilience was built. His trek to the USA was paved with trials and tribulations, but each challenge was met with unwavering determination.

However, it wasn’t until Di’s chance meeting with Dr. Kwang H Suh at a gathering organized by the Rotary Club of Louisville, that he truly realized the depth of human endurance. Dr. Suh’s journey was no less challenging. Escaping the severe restrictions of North Korea, he found brief respite in South Korea and Taiwan, before finally setting foot on American soil. His tale isn’t just a testament to his personal resilience, but also a vivid reminder of the lengths people would go to for freedom.

In an age where the weight of the world seems to bear down on many, leading to an alarming rise in depression and suicide rates, especially among the youth in the USA, stories like that of Dr. Suh are more than just inspirational. They serve as poignant reminders of the importance of life, the value of freedom, and the incredible strength of the human spirit.

It’s easy to take freedom for granted, especially when it’s all one has ever known. However, for those who have tasted the bitterness of oppression, the sweetness of freedom is unparalleled. The tales of Di Tran and Dr. Kwang H Suh are not just about their personal journeys, but also about the broader message they carry. Freedom is a gift, a privilege, and an opportunity that should never be taken lightly.

So, the next time life seems challenging, remember the stories of these two remarkable individuals. Remember the lengths they went to for a chance at freedom and a better life. Remember that hardships are relative and that perspective can often change everything. After all, as Di Tran reflected, “we don’t know what hardship really is like until we hear about others’ lives.”

Let’s not just hear these stories but imbibe their lessons, cherishing the freedoms we have and striving to ensure others can taste it too. The spirit of Di Tran and Dr. Suh are a beacon for all, a testament to the enduring human spirit that seeks light even in the darkest of times.

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Dispelling Fear with Faith: A Guided Path to Positivity and Possibility

By Di Tran, author of “Drop the FEAR and focus on the FAITH”

Fear is a curious entity. It doesn’t stem from a tangible source or a distinct occurrence. Instead, it arises from nowhere, from nothing, a phantom bred in the labyrinth of our mind. Accumulated knowledge and years of experience are often responsible for concocting this ghost. The more we learn, the more fodder we provide to our mind to logically weave fears that seem plausible and, often, overwhelmingly real. But it’s crucial to remember, fear, while seeming authentic, is a mental construct.

How do we then combat this intangible adversary? The answer lies in a simple, four-letter word – faith.

Transcending Fear through Faith

Faith, in its purest form, is the antidote to fear. It is the ability to believe, even when the odds seem stacked against us. Faith gives us the courage to step into the unknown, to conquer the mountains of uncertainties, and above all, to trust that the future holds good for us. It provides us with the conviction that the universe is not conspiring against us, but is instead aligning in our favor, if only we maintain the courage to keep walking ahead.

Unlearning to Learn: An Essential Step

In our quest to dispel fear, it’s necessary to unlearn some of what we have gathered over the years. We must scrutinize our learned patterns, especially the ones that hold negativity, that fuel our fears.

Recognizing and acknowledging these patterns is the first step. We need to accept that we have, indeed, seen, remembered, and maybe even cultivated these negative elements in our lives. Upon this recognition, we then need to agree, truly and sincerely, that we don’t need them.

This process isn’t about forgetting or denying the negative experiences or knowledge. Instead, it’s about consciously deciding to unburden ourselves from these unneeded aspects, to make room for positivity and opportunity.

Creating Space for New Possibilities

By unlearning and letting go of the negative, we create space. Space in our minds for possibility, for learning anew, for opening ourselves to fresh experiences and opportunities. This open space becomes a fertile ground for positivity to bloom, letting us rebuild our mindset and our lives on a foundation of optimism and strength.

The Power of Action and Constancy

In this transformative journey from fear to faith, the most substantial part is to act. Fear can paralyze, holding us in a grip of inaction. The antidote to this is to keep moving, to stay busy in the pursuit of a positive and higher goal.

It’s not enough to merely think or desire; we must step forward, take tangible steps towards our dreams. And in this journey, constancy is key. We must keep the faith, keep believing, keep striving, and keep moving.

We must trust in a higher power, in the goals that stem from deep within us, and in the divine infinity of the universe.

Our fears might be logical constructs, but so are our hopes, our dreams, and our faith. As we navigate through the labyrinth of life, let us choose to light our path with faith, not shadow it with fear. As the author of our life story, we hold the power to pen a narrative of courage, resilience, and hope, if we simply dare to drop the fear and focus on the faith.

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Finding Hope in Difficult Times: A Call to Journalists to Focus on the Positive

As a journalist, you are often called upon to cover difficult topics such as accidents, suicide, mental health, and other traumatic events. While it can be challenging to report on such stories, it is important to remember that there is always a positive side to every situation.

When reporting on accidents, it is essential to focus on the bravery and heroism of those who risked their lives to help others. Highlighting the stories of everyday heroes who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others can inspire and motivate readers to be more compassionate and selfless.

When reporting on suicide, it is important to remember that there is always hope. Highlighting the stories of individuals who have overcome depression and suicidal thoughts can provide hope and inspiration to those who may be struggling with their mental health. Sharing stories of those who have found purpose and meaning in their lives after experiencing difficult times can also be a source of inspiration.

Mental health is another topic that can be challenging to cover, but it is also one that is essential to report on. Highlighting the stories of individuals who have received treatment and are now living fulfilling lives can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Reporting on new treatments and therapies can also provide hope to those who are struggling with mental health issues.

It is important to remember that as journalists, we have the power to bring positive change to our communities. By focusing on the positive aspects of difficult situations, we can inspire and motivate others to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

So, my fellow journalists, don’t be afraid to use a different lens when reporting on difficult topics. It may require more creativity and effort, but the end result is worth it. We have the power to make a difference and bring out the beauty in even the most challenging of situations. Let’s use that power to create a brighter, more hopeful future for us all.


Dedicated Sister at Saint John Vianney Church: A Shining Example of Service and Compassion

In a world that often seems devoid of positivity and hope, it is truly inspiring to see individuals who dedicate their lives to serving others and spreading the message of love and compassion. One such individual is a sister who has been working tirelessly at Saint John Vianney Church in Louisville, Kentucky, teaching children every Saturday in preparation for their First Communion. This dedicated sister serves as a shining example of what it means to be a servant of God, and her impact on the children she teaches is immeasurable.

Located in the heart of a vibrant 20+ year old Vietnamese immigrant community, Saint John Vianney Church is dedicated to providing spiritual guidance and support to its members. Each week, the sister devotes countless hours to teaching children the important principles of the Catholic faith, preparing them for one of the most significant milestones in their spiritual journey. Her unwavering commitment to these young minds is a testament to her selflessness and her desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Class in Action – Jayden, Skylar and Dylan

First Communion is a critical rite of passage in the life of a Catholic child, and the training provided by the sister ensures that each child is well-prepared for this momentous occasion. Through her lessons and guidance, she helps to instill the values of love, compassion, and selflessness in these young minds, setting them on a path towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. The children leave each Saturday with a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, and a sense of purpose and direction that will serve them well in the years to come.

It is a privilege to have such a dedicated and compassionate sister in our community. Her passion for her faith and her unwavering commitment to serving others is a shining example of what it means to be a true servant of God. Her impact on the lives of the children she teaches is immeasurable, and we are all the better for having her in our community.

As the world continues to face challenges and hardships, it is heartening to know that there are individuals like this sister who remain steadfast in their commitment to spreading love and compassion. Her tireless efforts and dedication to the children she teaches are a source of inspiration to us all, and a reminder that we too can make a positive impact on the world if we simply open our hearts and minds to the possibilities.

The sister at Saint John Vianney Church is a true gift to our community, and we are deeply grateful for her tireless efforts in preparing the children of our community for the sacrament of First Communion. Her passion, dedication, and compassion serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to us all, and we are honored to have her in our community.