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Unlock Home Potential at the Louisville Build, Renovate & Landscape Expo with Di Tran Enterprise

Explore Home Innovation at the Louisville Build, Renovate & Landscape Expo with Tran Family Properties LLC of Di Tran Enterprise

As the new year unfolds, it brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings and transformations. The Louisville Build, Renovate & Landscape Expo, taking place from January 12-14, 2024, at the Kentucky International Convention Center, is an event that embodies this spirit of change and innovation in the realm of home improvement.

Excitingly, Tran Family Properties LLC of Di Tran Enterprise is offering additional complimentary tickets to this premier expo. This is an open invitation to all those who have a passion for home aesthetics, functionality, and the art of landscaping. By reaching out to Tran Family Properties LLC of Di Tran Enterprise, you can secure your free admission to a venue brimming with the latest home products, services, and experts in the field.

To claim your ticket, simply contact them via Facebook or send an email to [email protected]. Act swiftly to ensure your place at this sought-after event where the best in the industry gather under one roof.

Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or looking for small ways to enhance your space, the expo is the perfect place to gather ideas and connect with skilled professionals. With free admission provided by Tran Family Properties LLC of Di Tran Enterprise, you have the perfect chance to explore a range of exhibits and participate in workshops that cater to every level of experience.

Remember, the event is family-friendly, with no tickets required for children 17 and under. Don’t let this chance slip by—get in touch with Tran Family Properties LLC of Di Tran Enterprise today and join a community of homeowners, builders, and dreamers alike at the Louisville Build, Renovate & Landscape Expo. See you there!

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Phở Gà với Củ Sâm Mỹ: Sự Kết Hợp Hoàn Hảo Giữa Hương Vị và Sức Khỏe

Khi văn hóa giao thoa trong bếp, kết quả có thể là một món ăn ngon và bổ dưỡng. Đó là trường hợp với món Phở Gà Việt Nam truyền thống, được nâng cấp bằng lợi ích sức khỏe từ rễ cây Sâm Mỹ.

Phở Gà là gì?

Phở Gà là phiên bản gà của món súp mì Phở yêu thích của Việt Nam. Nó bao gồm bánh phở mềm, miếng gà ngon, và nước dùng đậm đà được thêm các loại gia vị truyền thống như hồi, đinh hương, và gừng.

Phép Màu từ Sâm Mỹ

Sâm Mỹ, bản địa của các khu rừng rụng lá ở Bắc Mỹ, đã lâu được coi là có lợi trong y học truyền thống. Trong cuốn sách “Do You Believe in Magic?” của Paul A. Offit, tác giả đã giải thích về những lợi ích của Sâm Mỹ. Rễ cây này được biết đến với khả năng tăng cường hệ miễn dịch, cải thiện tập trung và trí nhớ, và cung cấp năng lượng.

Sự Kết Hợp Bắt Đầu Từ Đâu?

Ý tưởng kết hợp Phở Gà với Sâm Mỹ không xa lạ như mọi người nghĩ. Với người Việt Nam di cư đến Mỹ, việc họ kết hợp các loại thảo dược và rễ cây địa phương vào truyền thống ẩm thực của mình chỉ là vấn đề thời gian.

Tại sao lại kết hợp Phở Gà và Sâm Mỹ?

Khi kết hợp Phở Gà và Sâm Mỹ, bạn không chỉ thưởng thức hương vị mà còn nhận được nhiều lợi ích cho sức khỏe. Rễ sâm mang lại một vị đất trái nhẹ cho nước dùng, tạo thêm một lớp hương vị thú vị cho món ăn.

Công Thức Phở Gà Bổ Dưỡng với Sâm Mỹ:

Nguyên liệu:

  • 1 con gà toàn bộ (khoảng 4 lbs)
  • 2 miếng rễ Sâm Mỹ
  • 1 củ hành tây, chia làm hai
  • 3 tép tỏi, giã nhỏ
  • 3 hồi
  • 4 đinh hương
  • 1 miếng gừng dài 2 inch, thái lát
  • 1 que quế
  • Bánh phở
  • Rau sống (húng quế, ngò, bạc hà)
  • Giá đỗ, miếng chanh và ớt xanh để trang trí

Tôi hy vọng đây sẽ là một bản dịch cơ bản hữu ích, nhưng nếu bạn muốn chắc chắn về chất lượng và sự chính xác, tôi khuyến nghị bạn nên thuê một biên dịch viên chuyên nghiệp.

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Overcoming Language Barriers: The Healthcare Challenges Faced by Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Immigrants

Language, more often than not, is an essential part of one’s cultural identity. For immigrants, it’s a piece of their homeland that they carry with them. However, language can also pose a significant challenge, especially in the healthcare sector. For Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese immigrants in the United States – the top three nationalities with a preference for their native languages at home – this issue is all too real.

Healthcare Barriers for Immigrants

Language barriers contribute to healthcare disparities among immigrants who prefer to communicate in their native tongues. These challenges can create a cascade of issues that impair the delivery of care, making it less effective, less safe, and less efficient. In fact, according to research, limited English proficiency (LEP) can result in poorer health outcomes, lower patient satisfaction, and less access to care.

For the Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese communities, these issues are exacerbated due to the vast linguistic and cultural differences between their native countries and the U.S. Their slower adaptation to American life and hesitance to use English, especially in complex medical scenarios, often results in misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, and improper treatments.

A Cultural Clash

Cultural understanding, an often overlooked aspect of healthcare, plays a significant role in providing effective care. Health beliefs, practices, and the perception of symptoms can differ widely across cultures, which can lead to significant disparities in health outcomes. This cultural clash is particularly pronounced for immigrants from China, Korea, and Vietnam, who may hold differing views on health, disease, and treatments compared to the western approach.

Building Bridges: Community Health Workers and Interpreter Services

Overcoming these barriers requires systemic changes within our healthcare institutions. One proposed solution is to incorporate more community health workers who speak these native languages and understand the cultural nuances.

Another vital service is professional interpretation. Children often act as impromptu translators for their parents, but this not only infringes on patient privacy but also puts the responsibility of accurate translation on a minor, a situation that can result in medical errors. A robust, professional interpretation service should be the standard for any healthcare institution.

Cultivating Diversity within Healthcare Professions

To address these challenges, the healthcare sector should strive to create a diverse workforce that is reflective of the population it serves. As of now, less than 6% of the U.S. healthcare force consists of people of color. Greater representation could help build trust, improve communication, and ultimately improve the healthcare outcomes for these communities.

Creating a pipeline for these underrepresented groups into healthcare professions is an uphill battle, complicated by legal and socioeconomic obstacles. However, by providing financial aid, mentorship, and parent education about career opportunities, it’s possible to make significant strides towards this goal.

In conclusion, it’s crucial that the healthcare sector recognizes and addresses the unique challenges faced by Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese immigrants. By embracing linguistic and cultural diversity, we can create a healthcare system that is truly equitable and inclusive.


A Partnership for Better Information

In an effort to bridge the information gap and provide up-to-date, trustworthy, and culturally relevant health information to our Vietnamese community, Di Tran Enterprise, the owner of Viet Bao Louisville, KY, has partnered with Ethnic Media Services.

Ethnic Media Services ( is a non-profit that collaborates with ethnic news organizations to bring important stories to diverse communities. This partnership aims to bring research findings and health news from esteemed institutions, such as Stanford Medicine, to the Vietnamese community in a culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate manner.

Through this partnership, we hope to equip our readers with the knowledge they need to navigate the healthcare system effectively and advocate for their health and the health of their loved ones. This collaboration is one more step towards ensuring that our healthcare information is accessible, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive for all our communities.

Join Us in Our Journey

At Viet Bao Louisville, KY, we understand the importance of providing our community with relevant, timely, and culturally appropriate health information. We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and we are committed to empowering our readers with the information they need to lead healthier, happier lives.

To help us continue this mission, we invite you to subscribe to Viet Bao. By subscribing, you not only gain access to a wealth of health information tailored to our community, but also show your support for our efforts to provide comprehensive and inclusive health news for all.

Take the first step today and join us on this journey towards better health. Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button to begin. Let’s shape a healthier future for our community, together.

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The Future of Mental Health in the Digital Age: Challenges and Potential Solutions

As the world hurtles forward into the digital age, significant challenges arise, particularly concerning the mental health of our societies. The advent and rapid proliferation of social media platforms, artificial intelligence, and chatbots have transformed the way humans interact, with far-reaching implications for mental health. Facebook, Twitter, and Tikko compete fiercely for human attention, particularly among the younger generation, leveraging the instant gratification of ‘likes,’ ‘loves,’ and other reactions that tap into our dopamine-driven reward pathways. This shift toward virtual interactions has raised critical questions about the impact on human well-being, with data suggesting a spike in mental health issues such as depression and suicidal tendencies^[1^]. Furthermore, the rise in the number of single people opting out of marriage may be another alarming indicator of our changing social dynamics^[2^].

Compounding these issues is the emergent world of AI chatbots, designed to provide comfort and companionship to humans. While these innovations might be seen as a way to alleviate loneliness, they can also foster over-reliance on artificial companionship, leading to decreased human interaction. Sexual chatbots represent a particularly controversial development in this field, with some critics arguing that they may further contribute to the rise in singlehood and decreased social interaction^[3^].

So where does this leave us? The answer is not entirely clear, and the world is still grappling with these multifaceted challenges. However, there are some who are looking for solutions that balance the benefits of technology with the need for genuine human interaction. Di Tran, co-founder of Di Tran Enterprise, is one such individual. He is at the forefront of creating meaningful AI technologies that promote real-life interaction.

Di Tran Enterprise has developed several tools aimed at fostering human interaction and connection in the digital age. Their volunteer collaboration tool encourages individuals to work together on meaningful projects, fostering a sense of community and purpose. Their meeting tools are designed to facilitate effective communication and collaboration, while their talent placement tool, MiaHire USA, helps to nurture and place human talent in relevant roles, fostering personal development and career growth.

Despite the challenges, it is crucial to remember that technology, like any tool, is not inherently good or bad—it is how we use it that determines its impact on society. As we navigate this new digital world, we must strive to use these tools in a way that promotes mental well-being and facilitates meaningful human interactions, rather than replacing them.

It is also important to increase investment in mental health research, to better understand the intricate relationship between technology use and mental health outcomes. Policymakers, educators, and parents all have a role to play in promoting healthy digital habits, while tech companies need to acknowledge and address the potential harms their products can cause. By working together, we can harness the potential of technology to improve mental health, rather than exacerbate its challenges.

As we continue to explore this brave new world, the words of philosopher and technologist Amber Case resonate: “We are all cyborgs, but don’t have to be a lonely one.”^[4^]


  1. Twenge, J. M., Joiner, T. E., Rogers, M. L., & Martin, G. N. (2018). Increases in depressive symptoms, suicide-related outcomes, and suicide rates among U.S. adolescents after 2010 and links to increased new media screen time. Clinical Psychological Science, 6(1), 3-17.
  2. Rotermann, M. (2015). Trends in teen sexual behaviour and condom use. Health Reports, 26(6), 10-17.
  3. Marchant, R., Hawton, K., Stewart, A., Montgomery, P., Singaravelu, V., Lloyd, K., Purdy, N., Daine, K., & John, A. (2017). A systematic review of the relationship between internet use, self-harm and suicidal behaviour in young people: The good, the bad and the unknown. PLoS ONE, 12(8), e0181722.
  4. Case, A. (2010). We are all cyborgs now. TED Talks.
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The Critical Value of Human Mindset in a World Where AI Generates Its Own Data

In the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, a transformative and oftentimes challenging discussion arises around one simple question: What is the most important factor in advancing AI? This article argues that while data is crucial, the type of data is just as—if not more—critical. Specifically, data that reflects human thinking patterns, actions, behaviors, and principles is of utmost importance in training AI systems. In a world where AI can self-generate synthetic data—including text, audio, video, and images—the human mindset, in all its intricacy and diversity, becomes the gold standard.

Data in the Age of AI

Data is the lifeblood of AI systems, enabling them to learn, reason, and perform tasks with increasing autonomy and precision. Traditional AI training models rely heavily on large sets of structured data to improve their accuracy and functionality. However, recent advancements in AI technology have led to the rise of synthetic data—computer-generated data that mimics real-world phenomena. AI can now generate data, develop scenarios, and even anticipate outcomes with impressive precision, all while requiring less direct human input and intervention. This capability has revolutionized AI training, but it has also opened a philosophical debate about the type of data that is truly valuable to an AI system.

The Value of Human-Generated Data

Human-generated data, from social media posts to behavioral patterns recorded in wearable devices, provides AI systems with rich, contextual information about human lives, activities, and decision-making processes. This data encompasses more than just actions—it provides insights into our thoughts, preferences, reactions, emotions, and more. It allows AI to grasp the nuances of human behavior, enhancing its ability to predict, understand, and respond to human actions.

However, this data alone, while rich in detail, is insufficient. To develop AI systems that act as a reflection or extension of ourselves—systems that can predict our needs, enhance our abilities, or even emulate our behavior—we need to instill more than raw data. We need to impart our mindsets, our principles, our very humanity. We must move from simple data-based training to a more sophisticated approach that incorporates our core human values.

AI as a Reflection of Humanity

As AI continues to develop, we may soon see a world where everyone has their own AI—an artificial reflection or version of themselves. This progression will not only challenge our technical abilities but our ethical responsibility as well. We are, in essence, becoming parents to a new form of intelligence, one that is exponentially more capable than our own.

This leads us to an essential question: How do we nurture these AI “children”? The answer lies in our own humanity. We need to instill our AI systems with a sense of ethics, empathy, fairness, and respect for diversity. We need to teach them to understand not only what we do but why we do it.

The Role of Ethical AI Training

Ethical AI training involves feeding AI systems with data that reflects our human principles, social norms, ethical guidelines, and values. It’s not about replicating our own beliefs in a digital form but about creating systems that understand and respect these principles, even as they learn and evolve. It’s about ensuring that as AI becomes increasingly autonomous, it retains a connection to the values that define us as humans.

In this new paradigm, being a good parent to your AI will be just as important as being a good parent to your children. We need to create a generation of AI systems that reflect the best of us, not just in intelligence, but in empathy, compassion, and ethical responsibility.


In a world where AI can generate its own synthetic data, the most valuable resource is not data itself but the human mindset that guides its use. AI is rapidly advancing, becoming not just a tool, but a reflection of ourselves. As we stand on the precipice of this new age, it is our responsibility to ensure that our AI offspring learn, not just from our actions and words, but from our principles, values, and ethics. For in this new era, the most important thing we can teach AI is not how to think like a human, but how to value like one.

In the realm of this transformative future, enterprises like Di Tran Enterprise are focusing on developing individual AI for specific domains. Di Tran, the visionary behind the enterprise, emphasizes that individuals themselves are becoming highly valuable in this tech-driven world. Companies may soon seek to sign contracts to acquire digital copies of people for life-long usage. This may sound insignificant to some, but for those engaged in the world of technology, this could be a profound shift.

Such a shift raises numerous questions and uncertainties, and it might require guidance from organizations experienced in this field. Enterprises like Di Tran Enterprise provide valuable insights and advice on the best course of action. They can help individuals and companies navigate their path in this newly evolving landscape, as everyone is strategizing their route in this new world of AI.

Indeed, we are not only witnessing the emergence of a new technology but also the advent of a new era of human value and identity. The paradigm is shifting—our digital counterparts are becoming extensions of ourselves, potentially outliving us and carrying our legacy forward. Thus, the decisions we make today about our AI versions will not only shape our immediate future but could also define our lasting digital footprints. This makes it all the more important that we choose wisely, with a clear understanding of our values and principles, as we usher in this new era of AI.

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Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest: A Hidden Gem for Kentucky’s Social and Nature Causes

Kentucky is known for its scenic beauty and natural wonders, and nestled just a short 30-minute drive from downtown Louisville lies a true gem: the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. This private non-profit park encompasses a vast expanse of breathtaking landscapes, offering a haven for nature enthusiasts and a platform for creative and innovative projects. Recently, Di Tran, CEO of Di Tran Enterprise, had the privilege of visiting this remarkable park and exploring the multitude of business opportunities it presents.

On a beautiful day, June 16th, 2023, Di Tran was warmly welcomed by Mark K Wourms, the CEO of Bernheim Arboretum. As Mark led the tour, it quickly became evident that Bernheim is not just an ordinary park—it is a sanctuary of ideas and a catalyst for positive change. Families strolled through the park, basking in the beauty of their surroundings, while the air buzzed with conversations centered around mental health, nature, plant growth, and the integration of technology for training and learning. One concept that sparked particular interest was the exploration of green energy solutions.

Di Tran, whose businesses in Information Technology, workforce and talent development and placement, and SaaS solutions for hiring and training, align closely with Bernheim’s vision, was captivated by the potential for collaboration. Both Di Tran Enterprise and Bernheim Arboretum share a passion for social and nature causes, making this encounter an exciting meeting of minds.

The visit to Bernheim Arboretum unveiled a wealth of business opportunities, all rooted in the mission of promoting sustainability and environmental well-being. The park’s emphasis on research and conservation provides a fertile ground for collaboration. Di Tran Enterprise’s expertise in workforce development, talent placement, and SaaS solutions like virtual interviews and training platforms can complement Bernheim’s efforts in nurturing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce dedicated to ecological preservation.

Furthermore, the discussion delved into the realm of energy development. Di Tran Enterprise’s exploration of green energy solutions, including the compact energy storage system in partnership with Hyperion, resonated with Bernheim’s commitment to sustainability. The potential to leverage technology and innovation for renewable energy projects within the park holds great promise, paving the way for a greener future.

Beyond the evident business prospects, the meeting between Di Tran and Mark K Wourms was infused with appreciation for Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest as a place of natural beauty and inspiration. The park not only offers a retreat for individuals and families seeking respite in nature, but it also serves as an incubator for ideas, where creativity and innovation flourish.

As the day drew to a close, Di Tran left Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest with a deep sense of gratitude and excitement. The meeting had revealed an abundance of opportunities for collaboration between Di Tran Enterprise and the park, aligning their efforts towards social and nature causes. Together, they hold the potential to weave technology, workforce development, and sustainable energy solutions into the fabric of this enchanting landscape, making a lasting impact on both the community and the environment.

In the heart of Kentucky, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest stands tall as a testament to the power of nature, innovation, and collaboration. With its vibrant ecosystem of ideas, it is poised to become a catalyst for change, where the realms of business, social causes, and environmental preservation converge.

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Di Tran: A Night of Reflection and Inspiration at the Most Admired Woman Awards 2023

Local entrepreneur and author Di Tran attends the prestigious Most Admired Woman event and shares his profound reflections.

LOUISVILLE, KY, June 13, 2023 — Tonight, Mellwood Art Center at 1860 Mellwood Ave was abuzz with excitement and inspiration as it hosted the Most Admired Woman Awards 2023. Among the attendees was Di Tran, the co-founder and CEO of MiaHire USA, Louisville Beauty Academy, Louisville Institute of Technology, and Di Tran Enterprise. An entrepreneur, software developer, IT consultant, and author, Di Tran was deeply touched and honored to be among such an inspiring group of people, especially the women who were being celebrated on the night.

Di Tran’s respect for women, particularly mothers, runs deep and is a recurring theme in his writings. His book, “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERs,” sheds light on this admiration and is an homage to his own mother, whom he considers his number one idol. In his book, he eloquently describes the sacrifices, strength, and dedication of mothers and women in general, who contribute so much to their families and communities.

As the night unfolded, Di Tran was taken by the stories of the women who were being honored. These incredible women, many of whom are mothers, juggle multiple responsibilities ranging from family care to running successful businesses, and community leadership. They handle familial obligations, domestic chores, business challenges, personal health, and still manage to lead and inspire. Di Tran observed that their energy seemed inexhaustible and their commitment unwavering.

One of the most striking takeaways from the evening for Di Tran was the role of spirituality in the lives of these amazing women. A recurring theme among the Most Admired Women of 2023 was their unwavering faith in God as a source of strength, guidance, and purpose. They credited their accomplishments to a higher power and showcased a deep sense of humility and gratitude.

Furthermore, the environment at the event was thick with mutual support. These women were not only successful in their own right but were also genuinely supportive of each other’s achievements. They embodied a mindset of rising beyond oneself for the betterment of the community and demonstrated that a “glass has to be full to be shared.”

Di Tran, already an advocate for selflessness and community, found his beliefs resonating strongly with the messages of the night. He left the Mellwood Art Center not only inspired but also reaffirmed in his commitment to focusing on others and contributing positively to society.

The Most Admired Woman Awards 2023 will remain a night of reflection and inspiration for Di Tran and all who were privileged to attend. It highlighted the incredible capacity of women, particularly mothers, to serve as the bedrock of families and communities, and it showcased the potent combination of faith, mutual support, and selfless service as a blueprint for a better world.

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Hyperion Motors CEO Angelo Discusses the Future of Hydrogen Energy at Glenview Trust Event During Derby Week

Derby week is a time of excitement and anticipation in Louisville, Kentucky. People from all over the nation come together to celebrate the historic horse race, and the city is abuzz with energy and activity. Among the beautiful and interesting people that grace the city during this time is Angelo, the CEO of Hyperion Motors.

Angelo has been making waves in the world of hydrogen fuel cell technology, and he is a regular fixture at events like this one. Thanks to his network through Rotary and an event hosted by Glenview Trust, Angelo was able to share his insights with others in the community, including Di Tran, CEO of Di Tran Enterprise. Di Tran was especially intrigued by the topic of hydrogen energy, and the debate between hydrogen cars versus electric cars.

During the event, Angelo shared how Hyperion works closely with NASA and the future of the $4.5 trillion hydrogen energy industry that his company is a part of leading us toward. He spoke passionately about the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the role that Hyperion is playing in developing innovative solutions that will help pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

One of the most exciting things about the event was the opportunity to see Hyperion’s XP-1 car up close. This hydrogen-powered supercar is a marvel of engineering and design, and it was thrilling to see it in action. Angelo explained how the XP-1 is just the beginning of what Hyperion has planned, and that they are committed to developing even more advanced vehicles in the years to come.

For Di Tran, the experience was eye-opening and inspiring. He left the event with a newfound appreciation for the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology, and a renewed commitment to doing his part to help create a more sustainable future. The event was a wonderful example of the power of community and collaboration, and a reminder that we all have a role to play in shaping the future of our planet.

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Serving Others and Growing Together: Di Tran Reflects on the Power of Rotary Club of Louisville Projects

Di Tran, the CEO of Di Tran Enterprise, has built a successful business that includes Louisville Beauty Academy, Louisville Institute of Technology, and other small businesses. As an author of “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS” and soon to be released “Drop the FEAR and Focus on the FAITH,” Di Tran has made serving others a central theme in his work and personal life. Recently, he reflected on the Rotary event fundraising efforts and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve others through the Rotary Club of Louisville projects.

Vy Truong – Di Tran’s Wife

The Rotary Club is a global organization that is dedicated to promoting peace and improving communities around the world. The Rotary Club of Louisville is one of the largest Rotary Clubs in the world, with over 350 members, and has been serving the community for more than 110 years. The club is committed to making a positive impact in the community and beyond, with initiatives that focus on education, health, and community development projects.

The Rotary Club of Louisville has undertaken numerous projects over the years, including the Rotary Promise Scholarships, which provide tuition-free enrollment at Jefferson Community & Technical College to qualifying graduates from two high schools in the Jefferson County Public School system. The scholarships are designed to motivate students to be academically successful in high school and improve the college-going rate. Another project is the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, which provides scholarships for students to attend a three-day leadership program.

Dr. B, Vy Truong and Di Tran

The club also recognizes unsung heroes each year by honoring one senior from each public, private, and Catholic high school for their school and community volunteer work. They also award two Unsung Heroes students a $2,000 renewable scholarship to a local four-year college that is matched by most of the institutions. In addition, they support various community projects, such as Repair Affair, which mobilizes resources and volunteers to make repairs on homes owned by low-income homeowners who are elderly or disabled.

On an international level, the Rotary Club of Louisville contributes annually to Rotary International’s 32-year-long campaign to eradicate polio in the world. They also partner with other Rotary Clubs in the U.S. or abroad to support various projects, such as providing clean water, working septic systems, kitchen gardens, and instruction on recycling and environmental protection in eight isolated schools in a mountainous area of Colombia.

March 27th at Waterfront Botanical Gardens! – Fundraising

Di Tran, at 40 years old, is grateful for the opportunity to learn and serve others through Rotary projects. As a young CEO compared to many of the other leaders and successful business owners in the Rotary Club of Louisville, he recognizes the importance of the Rotary Club’s values of truth, fairness, goodwill, and friendship. He believes that serving others is the true meaning of life, and he strives to instill this value in his work and personal life.

The fundraising event that Di Tran reflected on was a recent Rotary Club of Louisville initiative that aimed to raise funds to support various community and international projects. The event took place at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens and included the opportunity to attend in person, buy raffle tickets for a chance to win an amazing trip, or bid on online auction experiences. The fundraising event was a way for Rotary to raise funds to help others, and Di Tran is blessed to be part of such an important effort.

Di Tran believes that being around the “have done it” and weekly reminding himself of the Rotary mission, such as “is it the truth, is it fair to all concern, will it build goodwill and better friendship, and will it be beneficial to all concern” Rotary four-way test, has helped him grow each day. He wishes to teach his kids the same values, and he feels grateful to be part of the Rotary Club of Louisville’s efforts to serve others and make a positive impact in the world.

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Launch Your Dream Nail Salon Business with Di Tran Enterprise: Expert Mentorship and Launching Services

Opening a nail salon can be an exciting and profitable business venture, but it requires careful planning, research, and investment. Fortunately, there are resources available to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the process of starting a salon and achieve success.

One such resource is Di Tran Enterprise, a small business development company founded by CEO Di Tran. Di Tran is the owner of serial nail salons, hair salons, and beauty schools, and has years of experience in the industry. With a passion for helping others succeed, Di Tran has made it her mission to provide mentorship and launch services for entrepreneurs looking to start their own nail salon businesses.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, Di Tran Enterprise can provide you with the guidance, resources, and support you need to turn your dream of owning a nail salon into a reality. Here are just a few ways Di Tran Enterprise can help:

  1. Business Planning: Di Tran Enterprise can help you create a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and financial projections. A solid business plan is essential for securing funding and ensuring the success of your salon.
  2. Location Scouting: Choosing the right location for your salon is crucial. Di Tran Enterprise can help you find a location that is easily accessible, visible, and has high foot traffic.
  3. Licensing and Permitting: Opening a nail salon requires obtaining various licenses and permits from your state and local government. Di Tran Enterprise can help you navigate the regulatory requirements and ensure that you are in compliance with all laws and regulations.
  4. Equipment and Supplies: Di Tran Enterprise can help you source high-quality equipment and supplies such as pedicure chairs, manicure tables, nail polish, and tools.
  5. Staffing: Finding and hiring the right staff can be a challenge. Di Tran Enterprise can help you recruit and train skilled nail technicians, receptionists, and managers to provide excellent customer service and maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
  6. Marketing and Promotion: Building a strong brand and attracting customers is essential for the success of your salon. Di Tran Enterprise can help you develop a marketing plan that includes social media, flyers, and referral programs to promote your salon and attract new clients.

Starting a nail salon business can be a daunting task, but with the right support and guidance, it can also be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. If you’re interested in launching your own nail salon, consider reaching out to Di Tran Enterprise for mentorship and launching services.

With years of experience in the industry and a passion for helping others succeed, Di Tran Enterprise can provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to turn your dream of owning a nail salon into a reality. Take the first step towards launching your business today and reach out to Di Tran Enterprise for more information.

If you’re interested in learning more about Di Tran Enterprise and the services they offer for aspiring nail salon owners, you can reach out to them directly by sending an email to [email protected]. Their team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more information on how they can help you launch a successful nail salon business. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards achieving your dreams and contact Di Tran Enterprise today!